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Sail 2015 Port of Amsterdam Sail 2015 Port of Amsterdam

A cameraman was allowed to ride along with a patrol boat from Port of Amsterdam to see how the nautical colleagues worked the Tall Ships Exhibition and this time-lapse is the result!.

New Zealand New Zealand

Video from the South Island of New Zealand featuring natural landscapes, rugged coastlines, lush plains, and amazing views..

David Attenborough Retrospective David Attenborough Retrospective

Some clips from David Attenborough's 50 years of reporting on Nature featuring some of the stranger situation in which he found himself..

Iceberg Breaking near Ilulissat Iceberg Breaking near Ilulissat

Iceberg breaking up in the Ilulissat icefjord, close to an archaeological site called Sermermiut..

Funny and Odd News

Rattle That Lock Rattle That Lock

Former PinkFloyd member David Gilmour's new solo album, 'Rattle That Lock,' features an animation that highlights a darkness in the song that couldn’t have been shown any other way..

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm... Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

Music video by C+C Music Factory. Wasn't I the one who took your viginity? It's the things that make you go hmm....

Humor from the Forum
I love dry erase boards...

Who ever came up with them was a genius

They're remarkable!

How to Age Gracefully How to Age Gracefully

People of all ages offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts in this entertaining video, from Radio One..

The Fallen of World War II The Fallen of World War II

An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts..

Fun Facts

In Scotland, "any Scotsman found to be wearing underwear beneath his kilt, can be fined two cans of beer.

Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures

These 3-D printed sculptures, called blooms, are designed to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowers. The rotation speed is synchronized to the strobe so that one flash occurs every time the sculpture turns 137.5º—the golden angle..

3D Glass  Printing 3D Glass Printing

Additive Manufacturing of Optically Transparent Glass developed by the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab in collaboration with the Glass Lab at MIT. Invisible, glass was first created in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt 4,500 years ago. .

Humor from the Forum

What does idk stand for?

Literally everyone I ask doesn't know.

Creative / Surf
Winter Glow Winter Glow

Winter Glow is a short story from Irish big wave surfer Ollie O Flaherty. Filmed and edited by Kev Smith. Presented by C-Skins Wetsuit.

The Right Wave The Right Wave

'The Right'. The world's most dangerous and unpredictable wave. Ryan 'Hippo' Hipwood returns to conquer the wave that in 2012 nearly took his life..

Fun Facts

Your brain keeps developing until your late 40s .

Satire / Humor / Documentary
Marketing to Doctors Marketing to Doctors

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars marketing drugs to doctors.As a result the cost of prescription medication exceeds $1000 per person in the United States..

Student Debt Student Debt

John Oliver discusses student debt, which is awful, as well as for-profit colleges, who are awfully good at inflicting debt upon us..

Humor from the Forum
Boys and Men

What do toy trains and breasts have in common?

They were both designed for kids but it's the dad that ends up playing with them.

Kangaroo Horde Kangaroo Horde

While riding through Hawkstowe Park in Australia a cyclest comes a cross huge group of Kangaroos and feels a bit intimidated. Kangaroos are generally passive animals rarely attack people..

Shy Dumbo Octopus Shy Dumbo Octopus

While diving off the central California coast, the team of E/V Nautilus encountered this Dumbo Octopus (named for its ear flaps) lingering on the sea floor..

Fun Facts

Some researchers believe that those who stay awake late at night are more likely to have higher IQs.

The OCD Couple The OCD Couple

I think I dreamt this...and we're gonna need to blow some candles out. And oh by the way have you counted the eggs.

Cooking With Satire Cooking With Satire

In an attempt to live forever, and become just like their idol, Sarah Wilson, McCartney and McLennan give up the sweet stuff; sugar. Please Note: This episode is booze, sugar, gluten, fructose, lactose and personality-free. .

Humor from the Forum
How Government works

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House.

One is from Chicago, another is from Tennessee, and the third is from Minnesota. All three go with a White House official to examine the fence.The Minnesota contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil.

"Well," he says, "I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me.

"The Tennessee contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me."

The Chicago contractor doesn't measure or figure, but leans over to the WhiteHouse official and whispers, "$2,700."

The official, incredulous, says, "You didn't even measure like the other guys!

How did you come up with such a high figure?"The Chicago contractor whispers back, "$1000 for me, $1000 for you, and we hire the guy from Tennessee to fix the fence.

"Done!" replies the government official.

Chameleons Are Amazing Chameleons Are Amazing

Watch these charismatic creatures shoot their tongues out like arrows to catch an insect, mimic leaves swaying in the wind, and display their hidden colors—and learn just how they do it..

The Biggest Heart Ever Preserved The Biggest Heart Ever Preserved

Just how big is a blue whale's heart? We'll give you a hint - it pumps 220 Liters of blood per beat..

Funny and Odd News

Different Strokes
The Definition Of 'Sexy' Around The World The Definition Of 'Sexy' Around The World

Perspectives of the term 'sexy' from countries around the world. Beauty, sexiness and being 'hot' are all relative depending on which religion, tribe, culture and country you live in..

People That Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme People That Took Bodybuilding To The Extreme

Shocking images of bodybuilders who went too far with steroids, drugs and substance abuse, and in some cases paid the ultimate price. .

Fun Facts

On 9/11, after the first plane hit the North Tower of the WTC, people in the South Tower wanted to leave but were advised by a announcement to stay at their desks. Some of those who tried to leave anyway were turned back by security in the building before the exits. 1,120 died.

Ashley Madison Victim Responds to Leak Ashley Madison Victim Responds to Leak

A humorous and heartfelt response from a victim of the recent Ashley Madison, the so called ''cheating-website'', leak..

The Morning After Halloween The Morning After Halloween

Mallory thinks she went home with a Gladiator. She wakes up to discover that she's dead wrong. Then the weirdness begins..

Humor from the Forum
Irish Humor

What's Irish and stays out all night?

Patty O'Furniture.

Interesting Science
The Science of Laziness The Science of Laziness

Why are some people so lazy? The lack of desire to do physical activity and just be lazy, according to AsapScience, may be in your DNA, specifically your “couch potato” gene..

What If You Stopped Going Outside? What If You Stopped Going Outside?

This video reveals the chain reaction that sunlight has on your body - and if you don't tend to go outdoors, it can massively impact your immune system, which has a knock on effect on cancer, heart disease and depression. .

Fun Facts

Bonobos, one of our most closely related primates, are rarely, if ever, found in zoos because they constantly have sex (both oral and genital) with each other regardless of their own age or sex.

Key and Peele - The Telemarketer Key and Peele - The Telemarketer

The new telemarketing script seems to push all the right buttons, leaving the customer foaming at the mouth, with his credit card ready..

So You've Learned To Teleport So You've Learned To Teleport

A guide for the newly empowered, courtesy of the Superhero Help Academic Foundation Trust, Education Division. Sure, you could jump a few places and fight crime: or you could take over the world..

Humor from the Forum
Two Deaf Men Were Talking

Two deaf men were talking on their coffee break about being out late the night before.

The first man signed to his friend, "My wife was asleep when I got home, so I was able to sneak into bed, and not get into trouble."

“The second deaf man signed back, "Boy you're lucky. My wife was wide awake, waiting for me in bed, and she started swearing at me and giving me hell for being out so late."

The first deaf man asked, "So, what did you do?"

The second man replied, "I turned out the light."

Southwestern Landscapes Southwestern Landscapes

Beautiful time-lapse shots of Arizona, Utah and southwestern locations. This video has some iconic landmarks seen in a new way with motion controlled HDR and/or night timelapse..

Light Therapy Light Therapy

Filmed on location in New Zealand and Australia, 'Light Therapy' was shot with the intention of utilising only available light within the hours of dawn and dusk, over a month spent with surfers Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler. .

Fun Facts

In 1898, Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat drove the Jeantaud Duc car to the record speed of 39.24 miles per hour for the first offical land speed record.

Kostya Kimlat Makes Penn Mad Kostya Kimlat Makes Penn Mad

After an all too cheerful Magician fools him, Penn lets loose. I hated the way you looked. I hated the way you cleanly handled the deck of cards. I hated that I should have known it." —Penn Jillette.

Why Teller Doesn’t Speak on Stage Why Teller Doesn’t Speak on Stage

Penn and Teller’s limited run on Broadway has been a big hit, and their CW show, “Fool Us,” has just been picked up for another season. Here they are with Teller explaining why he doesn’t speak onstage..

Humor from the Forum
Getting the Last Word

John and Bob were discussing their married lives. Although happily married to their wives, they admitted that there were arguments sometimes.

John said, “I’ve made one great discovery. I know how to always have the last word.”

“Wow!" said Bob, “how did you manage that?”

"It’s easy,” replied John, “my last word is always ‘Yes, Dear.’”

Interesting Science
Why Do We Like Our Own Farts? Why Do We Like Our Own Farts?

Your farts may smell like you! To everyone else they stink. What's the Science behind that?.

Your Brain On Shrooms Your Brain On Shrooms

How do "Magic Mushrooms" chemically alter your brain? What causes the user to experience a sensory overload of saturated colors and patterns?.

Fun Facts

According to a study done by Shue Yan University in Hong Kong, sleep positions can affect the kinds of dreams you have. People who slept on their stomach had more dreams related to sex than people who slept on their back or on their side.

Humor and Satire
Last Week Tonight: Televangelists Last Week Tonight: Televangelists

U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. LWT learned this first hand as they established Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption to prove a point.

Last Week Tonight: Infrastructure Last Week Tonight: Infrastructure

America’s crumbling infrastructure: It’s not a sexy problem, but it is a scary one. If you weren't already aware that U.S. roads, bridges and dams are in serious state of disrepair, this video will highlight the problem.

Humor from the Forum
Blond Twins

Did you hear about the blonde identical twins?

They couldn't tell each other apart.

Key & Peele - MC Mom Key & Peele - MC Mom

A college student receives an embarrassing rap video performed by his seemingly straitlaced mother..

Onion Explains: The Totalitarian State Of North Korea Onion Explains: The Totalitarian State Of North Korea

How is the secretive totalitarian government of the Hermit Kingdom operated? The Onion explains North Korea..

Fun Facts

A song that gets stuck in your head is called an "earworm".

Our World Videos
Politicians For Sale Politicians For Sale

Like to be treated like a murderer for streaming an "unauthorized" copy of a TV show? Good news, because now you can!

George Orwell's Final Warning George Orwell's Final Warning

From the author of the book 1984, comes one final dire warning.

Humor from the Forum
50th wedding anniversary

An aged farmer and his wife were leaning against the edge of their pig-pen when the old woman wistfully recalled that the next week would mark their golden wedding anniversary.

'Let's have a party, Homer,' she suggested. 'Let's kill a pig.'

The farmer scratched his grizzled head. 'Gee, Ethel,' he finally answered, 'I don't see why the pig should take the blame for something that happened fifty years ago.

Humor Skits
If Call Center Employees Were Honest If Call Center Employees Were Honest

Yes, I know how long you’ve been holding and I don’t care. That is if you are lucky enough to get a call-center employee whose English you can be understood..

Things Black Moms Would Say Things Black Moms Would Say

While moms everywhere have the same goals, it would seem that black mothers have a flair for the dramatic - and humorous..

Strange and Useless News

Humor and Satire
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education

A humorous video that covering what some schools are too embarrassed to teach.

Washington DC Statehood Washington DC Statehood

Washington DC experiences taxation without representation. It's also missing from rhyming state songs. John Oliver and a group of singing children fix one of these problems..

Funny Joke from the Forum

For a class project a professor asks his students call out some of the stereotypes they have encountered

"All blonde girls are dumb!" yells a boy in the back.

"Sony!" Yells the blonde girl in the front.

Burning Man
Art & Culture of Burning Man Art & Culture of Burning Man

Illuminating the culture of Burning Man – the annual pilgrimage to Nevada's Black Rock Desert – as a catalyst for community, innovation and the actualization of dreams, this film offers a glimpse into the art and culture of this dynamic community with the hope to spark a dream within you. .

Drone's view of Burning Man Drone's view of Burning Man

Aerial footage by Eric Cheng of Burning Man featuring art installations, mutant vehicles, interesting people and lots of dust.

Fun Facts

The Greek language has 4 words for love. 'Agape': Charitable love; 'Eos': Sexual love; 'Philia': Love between friends; and 'Storge': Family love..

Entertaining Videos
The Great Binge The Great Binge

The Great Binge is a term by social historians for a period in history, due to Absinthe in Europe and dangerous drugs such as heroin being commercially available.

The Final Member The Final Member

The curator of the world's only penis museum races against his own mortality to complete his comprehensive collection.

Funny Joke from the Forum
Scavenger Hunt

A woman answered her front door and found two little boys standing there holding a list.

"Lady," one of them explained, "we're on a scavenger hunt, and we still need three grains of wheat, a pork-chop bone and a piece of used carbon paper to earn a dollar."

"Wow," the woman replied. "Who sent you on such a challenging scavenger hunt?"

To which the little boy replied, "Our sitter's boyfriend."

Women in Comedy Videos
My Dance Moves My Dance Moves

Hilariously funny ventriloquism sketch by Nina Conti. Anaudience is fitted with a dummy mask and asked to dance.

Comedy with Amy Schumer Comedy with Amy Schumer

Stand up comedy with Amy Schumer. Funny as Hell features the funniest up and coming female comics around.

Comedy with Chelsea Peretti Comedy with Chelsea Peretti

In addition to performing as a standup comedy Chelsea Peretti works as a writer on ''Parks and Recreation''.

Fun Facts

The Netherlands has built 800 miles of massive dikes and sea walls to hold back the sea. If it wasn't for these walls, 40% of the country would be flooded.

Sketch Comedy
In The Bedroom In The Bedroom

Do you think Jessica is pretty? A humorous response to the dreaded "Do you think she's pretty" question..

Intimacy Negotiators for Married Couple Intimacy Negotiators for Married Couple

A humorous sketch in which two lawyers negotiate the terms of engagement for a tired married couple's next liaison.

Fun Facts

Termites outweigh humans by almost ten to one

Creative Science Videos
The Humans The Humans

The Sagan Series is an educational project working in hopes of promoting scientific literacy in the general population.

Symphony of Science Evolution Symphony of Science Evolution

A musical celebration of the wonders of biology, including evolution, natural selection, DNA, and more..

Humor from the Forum
Did you hear about the locomotive

Did you hear about the locomotive that always did as it was told?

It was really well trained

Sketch Comedy
Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilegethm Racism Insurance: Coverage for White Privilege

A humorous look at some of the things white people say when trying to bond with people of color. A comedy skit featuring racism insurance

Dealer Doctors Comedy Skit Dealer Doctors Comedy Skit

Comedic commentary that metaphorically uses street hustlers to parody modern medicine.

Fun Facts

In the UK, an average of about $4,800 is spent on healthcare per person each year. In the United States, an average of about $9,800 is spent on healthcare per person each year.

Strange Videos
I Am Your Grandma I Am Your Grandma

A truly weird video made for her future offspring, speaking to them as their grandmother.

Super Stretchy Skin Super Stretchy Skin

Super stretchy skin grosses out the interviewer.

Funny Jokes from the forum
The Difference Explained
Wife's Diary:

Tonight, I thought my husband was acting strange. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner. I thought he was upset by the fact that I was a bit late, but he said nothing about it.

I asked him what was wrong; He said, 'Nothing.' I asked him if it was something I had done. He said he wasn't upset, that it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry about it.

On the way home, I told him that I loved him. He smiled slightly, and kept driving. I can't explain his behavior I don't know why he didn't say, 'I love you, too.'

When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him completely, and again he said nothing. He continued to seem distant and absent.

Finally, I decided to go to bed. About 15 minutes later, he came to bed. He fell asleep - I cried. I don't know what to do. I'm sure his thoughts are with someone else.

My life is a disaster.

Husband's Diary:

Boat wouldn't start, can't figure it out.

Comedy Videos
White Zombies White Zombies

Escaping the zombie apocalypse is easier when the zombies want nothing to do with you.

Boobies PSA Boobies PSA

Do women want you to look them in the eyes or stare at their breasts - let's just say it's complicated.

Fun Facts

The scientific study of dreams is known as Oneirology

The Ashanti, take dreams so seriously that they allow a husband to take action against another man if that man had an erotic dream about his wife.

The word “nightmare” derives from the Anglo-Saxon word mare, meaning demon; which is related to the Sanskrit mara, meaning destroyer.

Funny Videos
Red Wine and Hoops Red Wine and Hoops

Young lady tries to drink a glass of wine while simultaneously working the hula hoop.

What Women Want What Women Want

A hapless modern romantic gets a little help from Cyrano de Bergerac to win the woman.

Why ask Why

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on I said, "Implants?"

I always take life with a grain of salt, plus a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila.

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. I have a work station.

Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

Creative Videos
El Teide Timelapse El Teide Timelapse

A stunning Time-lapse video of the Milky Way galaxy and Spain's mountain landscape.

Wonderful World - Attenborough Wonderful World - Attenborough

David Attenborough sings ...well sort of. Beautiful clips of BBC's Nature series though.

Fun Facts

Based on genetic studies only 40% of all men that have ever existed have ever reproduced, while 80% of women have reproduced. This means polygyny and war have basically been constants in human history.

Musical Comedy Videos
If I didn't have You If I didn't have You

This is as close as Tim Minchin ever gets to singing a love song.

Wifes Dark Humor Wife's Dark Humor

His wife is no wilting flower, and has a delicious dark sense of humor.

Strange and Useless News

Standup Comedy Videos
Astrology and Science Astrology and Science

A humorous monologue on the lack of science behind astrology and astrological signs.

Fluffy at the Casino Fluffy at the Casino

A humorous comparison between native owned casinos and Las Vegas casinos

Fun Facts

The word "unfriend", made popular by Facebook, appeared in print all the way back in 1659.

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