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The Nature of Science
The spider that could cure cancer The spider that could cure cancer

As much as you might loathe these hairy and scary looking spiders they could save the life of someone you know. Research being undertaken by scientists at James Cook University are showing promising signs for treating breast cancer..

Deadly Jelly Wrestling Deadly Jelly Wrestling

Think you could handle a career jelly wrestling? . For this type of wrestling, your pool is the warm tropical waters of North Queensland and your opponents are pulsating gelatinous jellies with deadly tentacles. .

Humor from the Forum
My Dad Scribbles

Three boys are in the schoolyard bragging about their fathers. The first boy says, "My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a poem, they give him $50."

The second boy says, "That's nothing. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a song, they give him $100."

The third boy says, "I got you both beat. My Dad scribbles a few words on a piece of paper, he calls it a sermon. And, it takes eight people to collect all the money!"

Political Humor
Hillary & Bernie Hillary & Bernie

Hillary feels the burn as she asked why she did not receive many votes from women. Anderson Cooper demands Hillary Clinton answer for younger women's disobedience. .

A Jeb in Winter A Jeb in Winter

He may be competent but no one will ever accuse him of being exciting. Are you prepared for the ice-encrusted purgatory that is the Jeb Bush campaign in New Hampshire?.

Fun Facts

Children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average only 15 times a day.

Don't Care What Wikipedia Says Don't Care What Wikipedia Says

A humorous classroom skit about a teacher that has to deal with students who think they know everything, because they have access to Wikipedia.

Practicing Atheist Practicing Atheist

Dave Allen is probably one of the best humorist, and arguably the best at telling jokes. Even though this video was many years ago you'll recognize his humor as it's featured on the Internet often..

Humor from the Forum
Shaved Down There

My wife came out of the bathroom and with a twinkle in her eye, said “I just shaved down there and you know what that means don't you”

With a knowing nod, I said “Yep sure do - the drain is clogged again!”

The Fight Against ISIS The Fight Against ISIS

The U.S. attempts to coordinate with the Iraqi government to fight ISIS, and the hacking activist group Anonymous vows to defeat ISIS by shutting down their social media..

The Affirmative Actions Adult Series The Affirmative Actions Adult Series

Fed up with negative stereotypes of African Americans, Good Wood Jr. releases an adult film collection that features more diverse portrayals of black people..

Fun Facts

The average person uses the bathroom 6 times per day.

Art Gallery Scene Art Gallery Scene

In this humorous short Louis and a friend visiting art gallery, have a good laugh at how ridiculous some of the exhibits are, get embarrassed by some exhibits, and have a really good time.

Prince Harry Look-alike Prince Harry Look-alike

Romesh while not looking like it, is British to the core, and humorously provides insight into the life of an immigrant. Hard to believe he was a math teacher before performing comedy..

Humor from the Forum
My Wifes Vacation

My wife went to a casino in the Himalayas. Tibet? Of course, why else would she go.

My wife went to a music concert in South Korea. Seoul? No, R&B.

My wife has gone on vacation to India. Mumbai? No, her dad paid for it.

My wife has gone to South America. Chile? No, it's very hot there this time of year.

My wife has gone to the Caribbean. Jamaica? No, she went on her own accord.

Creative Beat
SOFLES — Limitless SOFLES — Limitless

Unlimited cans of spray paint and blank walls in huge warehouse of the canvas for this video. The video work and editing is just as outstanding as the artwork and it all comes together beautifully..

The Techno Union The Techno Union

Count Dooku probably regrets including the Techno Union in his plans. Meanwhile Obiwan escapes the collapsing building with minimal hearing damage..

Fun Facts

In 1954, archaeologists excavating an 8th-century Viking settlement in Sweden found a Buddha statuette from India.

Humor and Commentary
Hookers in the House Hookers in the House

Britain's upper house of Parliament, the House of Lords, has been embarrassed again after a video surfaced of one of its members snorting cocaine off the bodies of hookers and saying that the taxpayers were picking up the bill.

Cyber Security and Chinese Hackers Cyber Security and Chinese Hackers

Another biggest ever cyber attack on the US government has officials in a panic. As a result they will no longer allow top security officials to use their mother's maiden name as a password.

Humor from the Forum
Country Gal

A woman from rural Georgia and a Lady from London were seated side by side on an airplane. The woman from Georgia, being friendly and all, said: "So, where y'all from?"

The Lady from London said, "From a place where they know better than to use a preposition at the end of a sentence."

The woman from Georgia sat quietly for a few moments and then replied: "So, where y'all from, bitch?"

SNL Comedy Sketchs
Zoolander on Weekend Update - SNL Zoolander on Weekend Update - SNL

A humorous critique of the candidates clothing styles in this Saturday Night Live comedy sketch. Serek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) assess Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's style..

Shark Tank Parody - SNL Shark Tank Parody - SNL

A comedy sketch parody of shark attack. A pair of radical Middle Eastern thinkers try to sell the Sharks on an up-and-coming organization.

Fun Facts

French kissing involves all 34 muscles in the face. A pucker kiss involves only two

The insulting slang “kiss my ass” dates back at least to 1705

Burning Man
Uber Burning Man Uber Burning Man

A tour of burning man highlighting some of the creative art exhibits, and interactions between the art exhibits and burning man festival attendees.

Simpsons does Burning Man Simpsons does Burning Man

The Simpsons visit Burning Man for the artistic experience, and to check out all the weird people. For Homer everything turns to food, and Marge has an out of this world experience..

Humor from the Forum
Baby Planes

A mother and her son were flying 'Southwest Airlines' from Kansas to Chicago.

The son (who had been looking out the window) turned to his mother and said, 'If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?'

The mother (who couldn't think of an answer) told her son to ask the stewardess.

So the boy asked the stewardess, 'If big dogs have baby dogs and big cats have baby cats, why don't big planes have baby planes?'

The stewardess asked, 'Did your mother tell you to ask me?'

He said that his mother had. So the stewardess said, 'Tell your mother that its because Southwest always pulls out on time.'

1st World Problems PSA 1st World Problems PSA

Times are hard in America. Spokesperson Trevor Noah explains how you can help by adopting a recession-hit American family for just $480 per day, plus tax.

Translating Dance Songs Translating Dance Songs

Translations for songs that have spawned dance crazes in America, but primarily not in English.

Fun Facts

The FDA allows an average of 30 or more insect fragments and one or more rodent hairs per 100 grams of peanut butter.

Faces of NYC Faces of NYC

Photographer was fascinated by the characters met in New York City.
He decided to create an online album of street portraits.

Two Months of Breaking Ice Two Months of Breaking Ice

Time-lapse of an icebreaker traveling through the
Ross Sea, condensed into less than five minutes.

Humor from the Forum
Red Haired Schoolteacher

The tourist had lost his way on a back road and stopped at the farmhouse to ask if he could be put up for the night. 'Well, we're a mite crowded, since there's already someone in the spare room,' replied the farmer.

'But I guess you can stay if you don't mind sharing the bed with a red haired schoolteacher.'

'Look,' said the tourist, 'I want you to know I'm a gentleman.'

'Well,' mused the farmer, 'as far as I can tell, so is the red haired schoolteacher.'

Anyone Help You Anyone Help You

In our politically correct and overly sensitive world people hesitate when asked to describe someone of a different race. Sometimes the discomfort can be downright comical..

The small office The small office

One of the men working in an office complains that one of his female coworkers is getting a little too friendly. They all meet in the supervisors impossibly small office to discuss the issue..

Fun Facts

Large, commercial breweries use inexpensive grains like rice to convert sugar to alcohol. Craft brewers rarely do.

British Humor
Bean Street Performer Bean Street Performer

A humorous comedy skit with Mr. Bean and a street performer

Helpful Barman Helpful Barman

Stephen Fry is the helpful barman cheering up a customer. Hugh Laurie is plied with snacks and double entendres.

Humor from the Forum
What now?

A man walking down the street noticed a small boy trying to reach the doorbell of a house. Even when he jumped up, he couldn't quite reach it.

The man decided to help the boy, walked up on to the porch and pushed the doorbell. He looked down at the boy, smiled and asked, "What now?"

The boy answered, "Now we run like crazy!"

Late Night Humor
E.R.” Cast Reunion with George Clooney E.R.” Cast Reunion with George Clooney

Because they had trouble putting this skit together, and in lieu of any other "ER" cast members making an appearance, Hugh Laurie, aka Dr. House from "House," came out to help Clooney save Jimmy Kimmel's life..

Conan Meets His Censor Conan Meets His Censor

Now that he's on cable, Conan visits his censor to test the boundaries of what he can and cannot do. As it turns out the rulebook is 2 inches thick but is pretty lenient on euphemisms..

Fun Facts

Sir Isaac Newton is widely credited as being a pioneer (if not necessarily the original inventor) of the cat flap, having cut a hole in his study door so that his cat would stop disturbing him while he was working.

Humor and Commentary
Your Facebook Photos Your Facebook Photos

Because of recent publicity about Facebook owning the content that is upload to its social media service, people have come up with ingenious, but misinformed solutions to retaining the rights to their images..

A Sense of Humor at the CIA? A Sense of Humor at the CIA?

The CIA takes to Facebook to prove that they have a sense of humor. John Oliver's respectfully suggests that they stick to doing what they do best, and let professional comedians handle humor..

Humor from the Forum
I Met a Girl

I once went out with a girl who had fiery red hair and a pale, thin body.

I met her on

Creative Animated Shorts
Lucky Day Forever Lucky Day Forever

Prole 514 dreams about winning the Great Lottery. The lottery winner is transformed and allowed admission into the elite White society, where everyone is beautiful, young and happy and people spend their carefree lives solely on fun and partying..

None of That None of That

From the Ringling College of Art + Design comes a humorous animation about a museum night guard and his efforts to protect classic Italian statues from the over zealous censorship of a nun..

Fun Facts

Based on retail statistics, about 4 per cent of pet owners will give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets.

Humor with the Beat
Trump Remix Trump Remix

Sooner or later someone was bound to remix some of the media footage of Donald Trump and add some music to make a mix tape. Love him or hate him this video still funny..

S.W.A.T-O-Tune S.W.A.T-O-Tune

Like the pied piper of old; but instead of a flute, the police have discovered a bullhorn that plays a tune, and people cannot resist dancing to the music..

Humor from the Forum
My Wife Threw a Bottle

My wife threw a bottle of Omega 3 capsules at me.

It's OK though, I only have super fish oil injuries.

Counting Votes in Popcorn Containers Counting Votes in Popcorn Containers

At the Iowa caucuses, Ted Cruz takes the top GOP spot, and Hillary Clinton declares herself winner for the Democrats. Trevor Noah struggles to understand the eccentricities of US elections..

Science Is Naughty Science Is Naughty

Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the first talk show in history about science. And he makes it sound kind of naughty..

Fun Facts

In 2011, a man was arrested in Sweden for splitting an atom in his kitchen.

Visions of North Visions of North

Wouldn't it be nice to live in Hawaii These are some of the Visions people living on the North Shore see everyday. .

History of Japan History of Japan

A short but entertaining and humorous version of how to Japan came to be and its role in the world wars that shape history.

Humor from the Forum
Mildred was Heartbroken

Mildred was a 93-year-old woman who was particularly despondent over the recent death of her husband Earl. She decided that she would just kill herself and join him in death.

Thinking that it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl's old army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart since it was so badly broken in the first place.

Not wanting to miss this vital organ and become a vegetable and a burden to someone, she called her doctor's office to inquire as to just exactly where the heart would be.

"On a woman," the doctor said, "your heart would be just below your left breast."

Later that night, Mildred was admitted to the hospital with a bullet wound to her left knee.

Humorous Pranks
Share an Umbrella Share an Umbrella

Gentleman offers an umbrella but leaves women standing in the rain. The look on their faces is priceless.

Little Old Lady Kidnapper Little Old Lady Kidnapper

This little old lady has a secret and when she asks for directions unsuspecting victims get pranked.

Fun Facts

The legend of St. Valentine contends that he was a priest in third century Rome. Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage because single men made better warriors. Valentine, however, continued to perform marriages in secret. When Claudius II discovered what Valentine was doing he ordered that Valentine be put to death.

Funny Videos
Awkward Breakup Awkward Breakup

An awkward breakup between boyfriend and girlfriend with a strange humorous twist at the end.

Keep Your Balls Clean Keep Your Balls Clean

A funny axe commercial showing the proper way to keep your balls and other sports equipment clean.

Humor from the Forum
My girlfriend and I played doctor...

My girlfriend and I tried playing doctor... (USA medical system)

She spent the weekend at my place and I sent her a bill for $180,000.

Funny Animal Videos
Canine Dishwasher Canine Dishwasher

Helpful Saint Bernard is willing to help clean dirty dishes.

Dog Bath Dog Bath

This dog loves his bath time more than any dog we have ever seen.

Catnip Trip Catnip Trip

Someone's pet cat experiences a whole new world on catnip.

Fun Facts

The oldest known recipe is a recipe for beer

Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams Flat-Earth Theorist B.o.B Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams Flat-Earth Theorist B.o.B

Rapper B.o.B creates a science emergency by insisting that the Earth is flat, and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson comes to the rescue.

John Oliver: Lost Graphics Vol. 2 John Oliver: Lost Graphics Vol. 2

John Oliver shares more of his favorite graphics that never made it on the show. Something to kill the boredom until the show is back on the air in a week or so.

Humor from the Forum

Why does Waldo wear stripes?

Because he doesn't want to be spotted.

We Love Oprah We Love Oprah

A standup comedian from South Africa with a humorous monologue on the Oprah school.

Blowing Smoke up ones... Blowing Smoke up ones A**

Where did the term ''To blow smoke up one's backside'' originate? Hint - it involves a dubious medical device


“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” (Aristotle)

“Love, A temporary insanity curable by marriage.” (Ambrose Bierce)

The More You Know
Sex and the Power of the Visual Sex and the Power of the Visual

Why are men so easily turned on sexually by a woman's legs, but not vice-versa? Why are female strip clubs so much more prevalent and popular than male strip clubs, but not vice-versa?

He Wants You He Wants You

Most women will find this reassuring. Men look at pretty women. That goes for men who are married, men who are dating, and men who are single. That's their nature. But is this built-in attraction with the female body a threat to their spouse, girlfriend, or partner?

Humor from the Forum
Doctors Recommendation

The Patient wasn't too happy with his doctors recommendation to cure his constant fatigue.

You want me to give up sex completely, Doc? he cried. I'm a young guy I'm in the prime of my life.

How do you expect me to give up sex and go cold turkey?

Well, replied the doctor, you could get married and taper off gradually.

The Discovery of Fire The Discovery of Fire

The mastery of fire was the most important moment in our species' history. Together, we would spread to every corner of the planet. Fire carried mankind through every desert, ice age, and mountain range, and man spread fire throughout the world to places it had never seen. .

The Good of the One The Good of the One

Spock wrestles with his human emotions and embraces his friendship with Kirk and the crew. Clips from the Star Trek series lead to one of the most memorable moments in the history..

Fun Facts

About 1 in 30 people in the U.S. are in jail, on probation, or on parole.

About half of all Americans are on a diet on any given day.

About 2/3 of American men prefer boxers to briefs.

If Google Was A Guy (Part 5) If Google Was A Guy (Part 5)

Imagine if there were a human answering your bizarre searches and stupid questions. Yes, these searches may be dumb, but don't forget who asked them..

Touch Yourself Tonight Touch Yourself Tonight

This public service message brought to you by Deadpool. The use of humor makes it easy to approach a sensitive subject - but one with serious medical overtones..

Funny Joke from the Forum
Delivering Babies

Two storks are sitting in their nest, a father stork and his son. The son is asking his father where his mother went. "Don't worry, son. Your mother will come back. She's only bringing people babies and making them happy."

"Bringing babies?" the son asked.

"That's right," the father replied. "That's our job."

"Wow! I want to do that!" the son replied.

The next night, it's the father's turn to make deliveries.

"Is Dad delivering babies too?" the son asked.

"That's right," the mother answered. "He's bringing new joy to mommies and daddies."

"I want to do that!" the son replied.

The next day, the father and mother discussed it and decided the son could make a delivery. "We're going to let you try," the father said to his son. "This is what you do. The baby will be wrapped in cloth. Hold the cloth in your beak like this. Then you just deliver it to the proper location. Can you do that?"

"I can!" the son replied. They sent him on his way.

Hours passed and the son still had not come back. The parents were getting worried.

He finally came back. "What took you so long?" the mother asked. "Did you make the delivery?"

"Yes," the son replied. "Sorry I took so long. I was just having some fun scaring college students!"

Creative Humor
The Play that Goes Wrong The Play that Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong as you might guess from the title, doesn't go to plan. The intricately planned missteps, and the cleverly orchestrated slapstick of Murder At Haversham Manor will have you in stitches..

The Chickening The Chickening

The Chickening' is a crazy poultry-inspired version of 'The Shining'. Jack takes a new job as senior chief night manager for “Charbay’s Chicken World”, a state­of­the­art, volcano fried, fast food poultry production facility..

Fun Facts

King Charles XIV of Sweden had a tattoo that read "Death to Kings".

Stand-up Comedy
Asian American Problems Asian American Problems

Sierra Katow will go out of her way to prove how Asian she is. Humorous dialog about mixed Asian culture trying to adapt to American culture.

Persian Girls Persian Girls

Max Amini knows a typical Persian girl when he meets one. And it's not just the nose job that gives it away..

Funny Joke from the Forum

This is what happens when your child is exposed to too many commercials on TV.

A Baptist pastor was presenting a children's sermon.

During the sermon, he asked the children if they knew what the resurrection was.

Now, asking questions during children's sermons is crucial, but at the same time, asking children questions in front of a congregation can also be very dangerous.

Having asked the children if they knew the meaning of the resurrection, a little boy raised his hand........

The pastor called on him and the little boy said, "I know that if you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours you are supposed to call the doctor."

It took over ten minutes for the congregation to settle down enough for the service to continue.

Comedy Videos
The Lesbian Dilemma The Lesbian Dilemma

A humorous episode as two older women discover that they fit most definitions of being a lesbian.

Friend Zone Friend Zone

Sometimes when guys get lost and take the wrong road they end up in the friend zone.

Fun Facts

The official Twitter account of @Sweden is given to a random citizen every week to manage.

Musical Comedy
The Context Song The Context Song

Tim Minchin brings his humor to the Royal Philharmonic as together they perform the context song.

Never Drinking Again Never Drinking Again

Hangover the musical, a humorous story of what happens when you drink too many adult beverages told in song.

Funny Joke from the Forum
Coldest Winter Ever…

It was autumn, and the Indians on the remote reservation asked their new chief if the winter was going to be cold or mild. Since he was an Indian Chief in a modern society, he had never been taught the old secrets, and when he looked at the sky, he couldn't tell what the weather was going to be.

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, he replied to his tribe that the winter was indeed going to be cold and that the members of the village should collect wood to be prepared.

But also being a practical leader, after several days he got an idea. He went to the phone booth, called the National Weather Service and asked, "Is the coming winter going to be cold?"

"It looks like this winter is going to be quite cold indeed," the meteorologist at the weather service responded.

So the Chief went back to his people and told them to collect even more wood in order to be prepared.

A week later, he called the National Weather Service again. "Is it going to be a very cold winter?"

"Yes," the man at National Weather Service again replied, "it's definitely going to be a very cold winter."

The Chief again went back to his people and ordered them to collect every scrap of wood they could find.

Two weeks later, he called the National Weather Service again. "Are you absolutely sure that the winter is going to be very cold?"

"Absolutely," the man replied. "It's going to be one of the coldest winters ever."

"How can you be so sure?" the Chief asked.

The weatherman replied, "The Indians are collecting wood like crazy."

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