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Standup Comedy
Yoga Class Yoga Class

Comedian Joanna gave up bartending to be a yoga instructor because she couldn't stand to be around alcoholics

Humor from the Forum
I'm a walking economy

A guy is walking down the street with his friend. He says to his friend, "I'm a walking economy."

His friend replies, "How's that?"

"It's like this -- my hair line is in recession, my stomach is a victim of inflation, and the combination of these factors is putting me into a deep depression."

Standup Comedy
First Ladies First Ladies

Bill goes into a humorous rant about first ladies. Before you say this is a sexist position, Bill points out that when we get a woman president, he would like the first man to keep his mouth shut too.

Up Close with a Tornado Up Close with a Tornado

Several storm chasers get some really nice footage of a tornado as it forms near a rural road and crosses some farmland.

Skit Comedy
Be A Cop Be A Cop

Tired of your desk job watch this humorous recruitment ad for joining the police force.

Fun Facts

The microscopic parasite Toxoplasma gondii has an interesting effect when it infects rats and mice - it makes them become unafraid of cats. This is pretty helpful to the Toxoplasma, which can only sexually reproduce if its host is eaten by a cat.

Video Compilations
Happy Workers Happy Workers

Some people really enjoy their work. They bring high energy and passion to the task. This is a compilation video of people doing their jobs with enthusiasm.

Funny Police Photo Funny Police Photo

We need to borrow your camera for police business. For some candid camera style pranks.

Humor from the Forum
Lying Contest

A clergyman was walking down the street and before long stumbled across a group of young boys surrounding a cat.

The clergyman decides to go over to the boys and ask what they're doing. The oldest boy pipes up and says "we found this stray kitten, and I want to take it home. The problem is that Charlie also wants the cat, so we're having a contest to see who can tell the biggest lie. The winner gets to take the cat home."

The clergyman is shocked, and launches into a long-winded sermon about the evils of lying, beginning with "Boys, you shouldn't have a lying contest, for lying is a sin!" and ending with, "When I was a boy your age, I never lied!"

After he finished, the boys were silent for a moment.

Just as the clergyman was beginning to think he had made an impression, the oldest boy looked to Charlie and the rest of the boys and said "Alright, give him the cat."

Stand-up Comedy Newcomers
Megan Gailey Stand-Up Megan Gailey Stand-Up

Megan is totally aware of how basic & white girl her name is, and she’s fine with it.

Stand-up Comedy
Embarrassed Young Lady Embarrassed Young Lady

After being rebuffed by her initial choice, comedian and ventriloquist Nina Conti finds a better choice in the young lady sitting beside him.

Fun Facts

Prior to its ban, hemp was a staple cash crop of the family farm in early America. The first two drafts of the United States Declaration of Independence were written on paper made from hemp

Entertaining Animals
Seal of Approval Seal of Approval

Divers get a playful seal of approval as they visit the Farne Islands.

Quotable Quotes

Steve Jobs:

"Picasso had a saying: 'Good artists copy, great artists steal.' We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas...I think part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, artists, zoologists and historians who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world." -- 1994

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything -- all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. ... Stay hungry. Stay foolish."-- Stanford University commencement address, June 2005.

Internet Outage Internet Outage

When a nation addicted to the Internet comes to grips.

Creative Videos
Northern Lights in Norway Northern Lights in Norway

Timelapses of the Aurora-Borealis and arctic landscapes by Ole Salomonsen, a photographer based in Norway.

Fun Facts

The sun makes up around 99.85% of the Solar System’s mass.

Healthy to Stare Healthy to Stare

Modern medicine has discovered a painless method by which men can lower their blood pressure.

Humor from the Forum
Park Bench Games

Two old men are sat on a bench at the park. A young, smoking hot girl runs past in a sports bra and a tiny pair of shorts. One of the men smiles and this brings the girl over.

"Why are you staring at me and grinning, you pervert?" she says.

The old man sweetly replies "My dear I'm not smiling at you, I'm smiling at the thought that no matter how bad the world gets, there will always be young, pretty girls in the summer to cheer up a lonely old man"

The girl replies "awwwww you sweet old man" leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek and jogs on.

The old man turns to his friend and says "3 to zip Old Fart, It's your turn".

Standup Comedy Newcomers
Aparna Nancherla Stand-Up Aparna Nancherla Stand-Up

According to Aparna, models are self-esteem pickpockets. Walk by one, and within seconds, you feel terrible.

Sit-com Humorous
Glue and Curry Glue and Curry

After visit to her favorite curry takeout Mrs. Brown finds it necessary to make frequent trips to the bathroom and is really stinking up the place.

Fun Facts

Actor Robin Williams left in place a restriction on his image, or any likeness of his image, being used in films and adverts for 25 years after his death.

Senic Canada Senic Canada

This spot features some of the breathtaking landscapes and authentic experiences from across Alberta

Humorous Situations
Selfies in the Stands Selfies in the Stands

Humorous commentary as a couple of announcers watch in amazement as a group of girls are fixated on their smart phones instead of watching the game..

Humor from the Forum
A husband Texts his Wife

A husband texts his wife after being involved in a severe accident. "Honey, I got hit by a car outside of the office. Cathy brought me to the hospital.

They have been taking tests and doing x-rays. The blow to my head was very strong. It may be serious. Also, I have 3 broken ribs, a broken arm, a compound fracture on my left leg and they may have to amputate the right foot."

Wife's Response: Who is Cathy?

Stand-up Comedy
What We Have in Common What We Have in Common

We always hear about what makes us different. Here are a few things that we have in common

Super Storm Cell Timelapse Super Storm Cell Timelapse

A rotating supercell storm. And not just a rotating supercell, but one with insane structure and amazing movement.

Humor from the Forum
Backpacking Holiday with the Wife.

On the first night I said, "I think there's a monster under my bed..."

"Grow up," she replied.

"No, really," I continued. "It's hideous..."

"Stop pissing about," she snapped. "I knew it was a mistake letting you have the top bunk."

Stand-up Comedy
Catching Women in Fishing Terms Catching Women in Fishing Terms

Comedian explains catching women in terms of sport fishing with emphasis on the catch and release aspect. Men like to fish and sports fishing is different from fishing for food.

Creative Science Fiction
Closer Closer

Something terrifying is happening to the Earth. Luke and Sarah, unaware of the danger, are just worried about having a passionate offhand camping weekend. Two unexpected guests will ruin their plans..

Fun Facts

In 2011, a man was arrested in Sweden for splitting an atom in his kitchen.

Blue Whale Feeding Behavior Blue Whale Feeding Behavior

Scientists captured some rare blue whale feeding behavior from a research drone showing how they make choices about what's worth eating.

Colorful Ocean
Colorful Ocean Creatures Colorful Ocean Creatures

Just below the ocean waves is a world of strange creatures evolved to blend with their surroundings.

Knowledge Made Entertaining
Why do animals have such different lifespans? Why do animals have such different lifespans?

Anyone who has outlived a favorite pet has probably wondered why life spans are so different. The average life of a dog is 10-13 years, but for the worm C. elegans, life is just a few short weeks.

Humor from the Forum
We're All Ears

One thing you can say about the NSA (National Security Agency)'s one of the few parts of government that actually listens to the voters

Stand-up Comedy
We Live in Sensitive Times We Live in Sensitive Times

We live in sensitive times, and those in power use that to shield themselves by redirecting any criticism to the ethnic group they represent.

Fun Facts

There are more insects in one square mile of rural land than there are human beings in the world.

There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.

Hungry Polar Bear Surprises a Seal Hungry Polar Bear Surprises a Seal

A thin and obviously hungry polar bear successfully hunts a seal. Some beautiful imagery of life and death on northern ice flows.

Stand-up Comedy
Comedian Buys his Racist Uncle Weed Comedian Buys his Racist Uncle Weed

A humorous story about an older relative, that begins by explaining that his wife is black, and that her uncle who teaches black history is obsessed with racism, and still says the most racist stuff.

Comedy Skit
Milfy Mom Milfy Mom

Mom is watching over her son's shoulder as he has a conversation on-line with his friends and wants to know what certain acronyms mean. Humor ensues as he awkwardly tries to avoid explaining what they mean..

Humor from the Forum
The New CEO.

A new CEO takes over at a struggling company and decides to get rid of all the slackers.

On a tour of the facilities, the CEO notices a guy leaning on a wall. He can't believe this guy would just stand around on the job.

The new CEO walks up to the guy leaning against the wall and asks, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm just waiting to get paid," responds the man.

Furious, the CEO asks "How much money do you make a week?"

A little surprised, the young fellow replies, "I make about $300 a week. Why?"

The CEO quickly gets out his checkbook, hands the guy a check made out to cash for $1,200 and says, "Here's four weeks' pay, now get out and don't come back."

The man puts the check in his pocket and promptly walks out.

Feeling pretty good about himself, the CEO looks around the room and asks, "Does anyone want to tell me what just happened here?"

From across the room comes a voice, "Yeah, you just tipped the pizza delivery guy $1,200."

Art and Dance
Pilobolus Royal at Blackpool Pilobolus Royal at Blackpool

A very different type of Dancing routine combining art, dance, and shadows.

Fun Facts

The word "bedlam" originates from a mispronunciation of Bethlehem Hospital, London's first mental asylum founded in 1247.

Humor and Britishness
The British View of Football The British View of Football

What the British view of American football lacks in understanding of the nuances of the game is sometimes comical. At least they made their explanation bearable by using these models as players.

Girl in a Soundproof Room Girl in a Soundproof Room

She thinks she's in a soundproof room,
and what she says will get her fired.

Humor from the Forum
Quick Thinking

A man boarded a plane with 6 kids. After they got settled in their seats a woman sitting across the aisle from him leaned over to him and asked, 'Are all of those kids yours?'

He replied, 'No Mam'. I work for a condom company. These are customer complaints.'

Rock and Roll History - Solo Guitar Rock and Roll History - Solo Guitar

A bit of Rock and Roll history that focuses
on the electric guitar solo

Fun Facts
Anatidaephobia is the pervasive, irrational fear that, somewhere in the world, a duck is watching you.

Welcome to the World Welcome to the World

You are alive and everything is a blaze of color and a cacophony of sounds. Soon you will learn to socialize, memorize, fit in, and find out what interests you.

Fun Facts

Women aged 20-29 are nearly 32 pounds heavier on average in 2010 compared to 1960.

How is that Possible
Escherian Stairwell Escherian Stairwell

Amazing video from the Rochester Institute of Technology featuring the 'Escherian Stairwell', named for the Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher."

History of Japan History of Japan

A short but entertaining and humorous version of how to Japan came to be and its role in the world wars that shape history.

Humor from the Forum
Need Glasses?
A man walks into the optometrist's office and asks "Doc, do I need glasses? "

"Yes, you do" answered the librarian

Island Adventure Island Adventure

One of the funniest improvisational comedy episodes ever from ''Whose Line Is It''.

Gender Humor
Understanding Women Understanding Women

Could it finally be possible? No - but this is still funny

Art and BIrds
Modern Dinosaurs Modern Dinosaurs

Modern dinosaurs put on their finest plumage, and strut just for you.

Fun Facts

Legend says that anyone who kisses the famous Blarney Stone (1446) will be given the “gift of gab” or rather, eloquence or ability to flatter.

Old Rockers Reworded Songs Old Rockers Reworded Songs

When the lyrics don't fit the musician anymore.

Panama Canal Transit Panama Canal Transit

Time lapse video of a cruise ship transiting the Panama Canal

Humor from the Forum
A blonde's dog goes missing and she is frantic

Her husband says, "Why don't you put an ad in the paper?"

She does, but two weeks later the dog is still missing.

"What did you put in the paper?" her husband asks.

"Here boy!" she replies.

Old Women Stealing Old Women Stealing

Two women caught stealing a canopy on the beach. When confronted by the owner, they decide to attack.

Fun Facts

Back in 2001, Money Magazine had 6 different tax professionals complete a US tax return for a hypothetical household. All six of them came up with a different result.

Ventriloquist Humor
Lord Charles has a Puppet Lord Charles has a Puppet

Ray Alan makes this difficult ventriloquist routine look easy. One of the best ventriloquist routines

Funny Joke from the Forum
You don't know your arithmetic

The teacher asks his student, "Bobby, if you have ninety cents and you ask your father for a dollar, how much money do you have?"

"Ninety cents."

The teacher shakes his head. "You don't know your arithmetic."

"You don't know my father."

The Way We Are Parody
MacDougals MacDougals

Humorous parody of our overly sensitive world where a club gets into trouble for offering half-price averages to various ethnic groups.

Music worth a Listen
The Hook The Hook

Years ago Blues Traveler did a song called ''The Hook''. For some reason, it seems more relevant today.

Creative Science
Science in America Science in America

How did America rise up from modest beginnings to become the greatest country the world has ever known. We pioneered whole industries and all this required the greatest innovations in science and technology in the world.

Humor from the Forum
A Few Phunnies

I'm really enjoying my lasso classes, even though I got roped into it.

What do you call a ghost's mother and father? Transparents!

Why don't people live in toadstools? Cause there isn't mushroom.

What's a metaphor? For cows to graze on.

What did one ocean say to the other ocean?...Nothing they just waved

If you want to know how many bees Noah had… check the Ark Hives

Valentine's Video
The Perfect Valentines Gift Perfect Valentines Gift

Helping you choose the perfect valentine's gift for your lover.

Animal Smarts
Bear on a Wire Bear on a Wire

Bears are a lot more agile and acrobatic than most people would think, given their size.

Fun Facts

The legend of St. Valentine contends that he was a priest in third century Rome. Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage because single men made better warriors. Valentine, however, continued to perform marriages in secret. When Claudius II discovered what Valentine was doing he ordered that Valentine be put to death.

Most Satisfying Video In The World Most Satisfying Video In The World

Have you ever seen something that for some unknown reason provides you with a sense of peace and happiness? Gears working in perfect synchronization, a cake frosted with absolute precision, marbles rolling so smoothly it hurts. Something that is just...satisfying? Well here's five solid minutes of that feeling.

Mr Blow-up Mr Blow-up

Comparatively speaking you are not so weird after all

Funny Joke from the Forum
What's the difference

What's the difference between the government and the mafia?

The Mafia is organized

Valentine's Video
Single Girls Guide Single Girls Guide

A single woman's guide to getting through Valentine's Day.

Humorous Sketch
Keep Your Balls Clean Keep Your Balls Clean

A funny axe commercial showing the proper way to keep your balls and other sports equipment clean.

Fun Facts

In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression "to wear your heart on your sleeve."

Musical Comedy
The Context Song The Context Song

Tim Minchin brings his humor to the Royal Philharmonic as together they perform the context song.

Sites Worth Visiting
Lisbon Street Art Lisbon Street Art

Some amazing things are happening in Lisbon; this wall is just incredible.

Fun Facts

The sun contains more than 99.8% of the total mass of the Solar System.

Valentines Duct-tape Rose Valentines Duct-tape Rose

Would you like to get your sweetheart something for Valentines day. Caution - May not be the best advice.

Animal Smarts
Moose and Malamute Moose and Malamute

When a moose threatens some people a malamute leads the moose away.

Humorous Sketch
A Sideways Scene A Sideways Scene

A seductive housewife, an electrician, a jealous husband and lots of laughter make up this sideways scene.

Humor from the Forum
An elderly couple was sitting together in church..

An elderly couple was sitting together in church...
The wife leans over to the husband and says "I just let out a really long and silent fart. What should I do?"
The husband replies "Change the battery in your hearing aid."

Greatest Motorcycle Race Greatest Motorcycle Race

Road Racing on the Isle of Man with speeds hitting 206mph over a 38 mile road circuit

Fun Facts

The 10 most spoken languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German and French, in that order.

Power of Optics Power of Optics

A Rube Goldberg type set-up powered by mirrors, lenses and light combine for an amazing effect as the optics reflect, focus, diverge and a recombine a beam of light.

Humorous Sketches
New Alcohol Detection Procedure New Alcohol Detection Procedure

A humorous prank played on drivers by comedians dressed up as police

Humor from the Forum
Life's a test...graded on a curve...

At age 4, success is... not peeing in your pants.
At age 12, success is... having friends.
At age 16, success is... having a driver's license.
At age 20, success is... having sex.
At age 35, success is... having money.
At age 50, success is... having money.
At age 60, success is... having sex.
At age 70, success is... having a driver's license.
At age 75, success is... having friends.
At age 80, success is... not peeing in your pants.

Creative Sports
Rules to Rugby Rules to Rugby

We felt it was our duty to ensure everyone truly understood the rules of the Rugby.

Extreme Volcano Close-Up Extreme Volcano Close-Up

Up close with a huge pot of red-hot boiling rock

Fun Facts

The Greek language has 4 words for love. 'Agape': Charitable love; 'Eos': Sexual love; 'Philia': Love between friends; and 'Storge': Family love..

A Rap Translation A Rap Translation

Rap interpreted for the middle class with a visual presentation and understandable words.

Super Soft Faceplant Super Soft Faceplant

This young lady has a special talent.

Humor from the Forum
A collection of puns

What did the old tornado use to walk?
A hurri-cane!

What's the strongest shellfish?
A mussel!

What kind of fish do you find in a mine?
A goldfish!

Why did the chicken go to school?
To get an eggucation!

Why was the piece of steel mean?
He was hard-hearted!

What happened to the musicians who tried to shoplift from a convenience store?
They were band for life!

How did the boat know it had a leak?
It had a sinking feeling...

What gem can you burn yourself on?
A sapph-fire!

Why was the boat's price half off?
Because it was on sail!

Which bug is worth a penny?
A cent-ipede!

Which U.S. president was a chicken?
Theodore Roostervelt!

Why was the bucket worried about her friend?
He looked a little pail!

What kind of bird builds skyscrapers?
A crane!

What kind of mammal is used in pastries?
A doe!

What do you call an Islamic insect?
A mosque-ito!

Why didn't the bag tell her friend about her problems?
They were purse-onal!

How did the hammer contact his friend?
With e-nail!

How do you steer a weather horse?
With rains!

Comedy Sketch
Leave Me Alurn - SNL Leave Me Alurn - SNL

Introducing the Leave Me Alurn, a little urn for women to take with them when they’re traveling alone to deter unwanted small talk.

Seven Minutes of Oops Seven Minutes of Oops

A blooper reel of things going wrong for everyday folks with lots of laughs and none of the face plants and skate board accidents that normally fill this type of video.

Fun Facts

The ancient Romans celebrated the Feast of Lupercalia on Feb. 14 in honor of Juno, the queen of the Roman gods and goddesses. Juno was also the goddess of women and marriage.

Bear Rescue Bear Rescue

Three baby bears got stuck in a dumpster. Mama bear sat by the dumpster all night listening to her cubs cry.

Food for Thought
We Stopped Dreaming We Stopped Dreaming

The importance of exploring space is that it gives hope and dreams for the future, and ignites scientific curiosity.

Humor from the Forum
10 of the funniest double-entendres ever aired on TV and Radio

1. Ted Walsh - Horse Racing Commentator - 'This is really a lovely horse. I once rode her mother.'

2. New Zealand Rugby Commentator - 'Andrew Mehrtens loves it when Daryl Gibson comes inside of him.'

3. Pat Glenn, weightlifting comment ator - 'And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazing!'

4. Harry Carpenter at the Oxford-Cambridge boat race - 'Ah, isn't that nice. The wife of the Cambridge President is kissing the Cox of the Oxford crew.'

5. US PGA Commentator - 'One of the reasons Arnie (Arnold Palmer) is playing so well is that, before each tee shot, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them ..... Oh my god !! What have I just said?'

6. Carenza Lewis about finding food in the Middle Ages on 'Time Team Live' said: 'You'd eat beaver if you could get it.'

7. A female news anchor who, the day after it was supposed to have snowed and didn't, turned to the weatherman and asked, 'So Bob, where's that eight inches you promised me last night?'

8. Steve Ryder covering the US Masters: 'Ballesteros felt much better today after a 69 yesterday.'

9. Clair Frisby talking about a jumbo hot dog on 'Look North' said: 'There's nothing like a big hot sausage inside you on a cold night like this. '

10 Mike Hallett discussing missed snooker shots on 'Sky Sports': 'Stephen Hendry jumps on Steve Davis's misses every chance he gets.'

Comedy Sketch
We’re Trying We’re Trying

A humorous comedy sketch about a couple is trying to have a baby, but they're trying a little too hard and a little too often.

Comedy Sketches
Prada Body Bag Prada Body Bag

A humorous sketch on the obsession people have with luxury brand merchandise. .

Humor and Prospective
The Reason Men Are Circumcised The Reason Men Are Circumcised

Why are most men in America circumcised? It turns out that it has a little bit to do with religion and a lot to do with a fellow named Kellogg..

Fun Facts

The first archaeological evidence of soup show it was made of hippopotamus.

Stand-up Comedy Newcomers
Adam Yenser - The Economy Adam Yenser - The Economy

The unemployment rate hit an eight year low - does it feel like it? Or does it feel like everyone is driving for Uber. .

Conan Experiences Germany
Conan Visits A German Beach Conan Visits A German Beach

Everything is blurred in this humorous perspective on the cultural differences between the way Americans and Germans approach nudity.

Humor from the Forum
The Engineer and the Red Rubber Ball

A mathematician, a physicist, and an engineer were all given a red rubber ball and told to find the volume.

The mathematician carefully measured the diameter and evaluated a triple integral.

The physicist filled a beaker with water, put the ball in the water, and measured the total displacement.

The engineer looked up the model and serial numbers in his red-rubber-ball table.

Special Victims Unit Mulvaney Special Victims Unit Mulvaney

You can get away with saying anything you want on TV as long as you know how to phrase it in technical terms.

Legal Comedy
We Sue Dogs We Sue Dogs

Would it be okay if a person to take a dump in your front yard? Well then why is it okay for someone's dog to dump in your yard.

Fun Facts

Before invention of the thermometer, brewers used to check the temperature by dipping their thumb, to find whether appropriate for adding Yeast. Too hot, the yeast would die. This is where we get the phrase ” The Rule of the Thumb”.

Camera falls into pit of Rattlesnakes Camera falls into pit of Rattlesnakes

This video was shot in Montana, on the grasslands where pairie rattlesnakes thrive. In large groups they hibernate in the vacant dens of prairie dogs to survive the cold winter months..

The Expert The Expert

Everyone engineering who has been brought into a business meeting, has experienced this situation.

Annual Valentines Stoning Annual Valentines Stoning

An event that brings comfort and joy to singles everywhere.

Fun Facts

The longer a man’s ring finger is compared to his index finger, the more testosterone he has.

Funny Animals
Oh My Goodness - Turtles Oh My Goodness - Turtles

Entertaining commentary by a youthful witness to a turtle mating

Humor from the Forum
My boss phoned me today...

My boss phoned me today. He said "Is everything OK at the office?"

I said "It is all under control. " It's been a very busy day. I haven't stopped to take a break all day."

"Can you do me a favour" he asked.

I said "Of course, What is it?"

"Pick up the pace a little. I'm in the foursome behind you."

So Romantic So Romantic

For Valentine's Day, a romantic little comedy about a special delivery engagement ring.

Humorous Comedy Sketches
Pogie Pepperoni's Pogie Pepperoni's

Two new hires can't contain their excitement when they begin working at Pogie Pepperoni's.

Fun Facts

Worldwide, over 60 million roses are given for Valentine's Day each year.

Talented Dogs
Soccer Dog Soccer Dog

When it comes to keeping the ball in the air this is one talented Dog. Four friends at the beach enjoying the warm air, the sunshine, and the wavs decide to toss a ball around. But one of the four is a very talented four-legged pooch..

Going Crazy
I Saw A Pink Elephant I Saw A Pink Elephant

Just for laughs as a prank on unsuspecting motorists involving a pink elephant and a sobriety test.

Humor from the Forum
The New Doctor's Office

Best friends graduated from medical school at the same time and decided that, in spite of two different specialties, they would open a practice together to share office space and personnel.

Dr. Smith was the psychiatrist and Dr. Jones was the proctologist.

They put up a sign reading: "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones: Hysterias and Posteriors."

The town council was livid and insisted they change it.

So, the docs changed it to read: "Schizoids and Hemorrhoids." This was also not acceptable, so they again changed the sign. "Catatonics and High Colonics"... No go.

Next, they tried "Manic Depressives and Anal Retentives"... thumbs down.

Then came "Minds and Behinds"... still no good.

Another attempt resulted in "Lost Souls and Butt Holes"... unacceptable!

So they tried "Analysis and Anal Cysts"... not a chance.

"Nuts and Butts"... no way.

"Freaks and Cheeks".... still no good.

"Loons and Moons"... forget it.

The docs finally came up with "Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones: Odds and Ends"

Everyone loved it.

Comedy News and Satire
Live Fast Die Young Live Fast Die Young

A new law will remove restrictions on cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol for seniors.

Redhead Humor
Bill Burr on Redheads Bill Burr on Redheads

Supposedly redheads will be bred out in the next few hundred years.

Humor from the Forum
Deep Thoughts About Fishing

There really only two kinds of fishermen, Sport fishermen and those who catch fish.

Do fishermen live in the reel world?

Is it true that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day but if you teach him how to fish, he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day?

Isn't fishing just a jerk on one end of the line waiting for a jerk at the other?

Who edits fishing shows? How do they decide what's too boring?

Why do fish grow fastest between the time they're caught and the bar in port?

Why is it that nothing increases the size of a fish like fishing all by yourself?

Why is it that you never see a fish mounted on a wall with it's mouth shut?

Wouldn't living be easier if men showed as much patience at home as they do when they're fishing?

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