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Comedy and Magic
Air Fishing Air Fishing

An entertaining segment on Fool Penn and Teller, featuring comedian and magician Mac King performing a magic skit called air fishing. A humorous magic routine that for some reason made his assistant Allison a bit nervous.

Different Drummer
Out in the Woods Out in the Woods

Looking at this reminds me that I need to get out and Party more often

Humor from the Forum
The Right Answer

A kid comes home and proudly announces to his parents, "Mom, dad, the teacher asked the class a question today and I was the only one who knew the right answer!"

The parents are very happy and ask, "That's amazing son! What was the question?"

Sticking out his chest, he says, "Who farted?"

Stand-up Comedy
Growing up Italian Growing up Italian

A humorous comedy monologue on what it's like to grow up Italian in New York City. Why fight the stereotype, you're just going to disappoint people better to play a role and leave people laughing.

All on Board For Bad Idea All on Board For Bad Idea

Let's use this train to pull another train back on the tracks. What could possibly go wrong?

Fun Facts

The Birth order can influence whether a marriage succeeds or fails. The most successful marriages are those where the oldest sister of brothers marries the youngest brother of sisters. Two firstborns, however, tend to be more aggressive and can create higher levels of tension. The highest divorce rates are when an only child marries another only child.

Humorous Comedy Sketches
Hey We're on Social Media Hey We're on Social Media

Tell me about yourself! Are you ranked on Vine? What's your reach on Twitter? A humorous skit that points out people's social media lives sometimes annoyingly overshadow their real ones.

Creative and Inspiring
Wanderers - Updated Wanderers - Updated

Wanderers is a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like.

Humor from the Forum
Your dog's IQ

A psychologist is selling a video that teaches you how to test your dog's IQ.

Here's how it works: if you spend $12.99 for the video, your dog is smarter than you.

Stand-up Comedy
Ahmed Bharoocha - Pakistani Uncle Ahmed Bharoocha - Pakistani Uncle

Comedian Ahmed Bharoocha tells a humorous story about his Pakistani Uncle, who like most people, doesn't like hearing bad things about his country.

Animals and Laughs
Cat Apologies Cat Apologies

Kitty cat makes a valiant attempt at apologizing and then goes back to being a cat.

Fun Facts

There are about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 – ten quintillion – insects alive on earth at any one moment. In total, they'd weigh about 300 times as much as all the humans put together.

Sketch Comedy
Helpful Barman Helpful Barman

Stephen Fry is the helpful barman cheering up a customer.
Hugh Laurie is plied with snacks and double entendres.

Angry Ocean
Waves Over the Cabin Window Waves Over the Cabin Window

Caught in a hurricane anthem of the seas rides it out with huge waves hitting above the cabin windows on the lower deck.

Beauty of Nature
Masters of Underwater Camouflage Masters of Underwater Camouflage

Octopuses and cuttlefish are masters of underwater camouflage, blending in seamlessly against a rock or coral. But squid have to hide in the open ocean, mimicking the subtle interplay of light, water, and waves..

Funny Joke from Dixie
He said - She said

He said - Since I first laid eyes on you, I have wanted to make love to you really badly.
She said - Well, you succeeded.

He said - What have you been doing with all the grocery money I gave you?
She said - Turn sideways and look in the mirror

Magic and Illusion
Nailgun Trick Nail-Gun Trick

This Nail_Gun Trick is an illusion. If you've spent any time in construction, you can probably figure out how it was done.

Creative Videos
Colorful Dubai Time Lapse Colorful Dubai Time Lapse

A creative time-lapse video of Dubai showing off some colorfully lighted features.

Fun Facts

There are about 100 billion birds in the world, and about 6 billion of them make their homes in the United States

Will Make you Smile
What We Can Learn from Dogs What We Can Learn from Dogs

Dogs offer a lot in terms of companionship maybe we can learn something from our pets.

Stand-up Comedy
Women and the Grapes of Wrath Women and the Grapes of Wrath

Humorous examples of how women and men think differently. Men react and women plot.

Fun Facts

Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin!

Improvisational Humor
Scenes from a Hat Aisha Scenes from a Hat Aisha

A humorous clip featuring Songs from the musical Aisha, which is not really a musical but is the name of the woman hosting the show.

Humorous Handyman
Flush That Gas Flush That Gas

What do a carburetor and the toilet had in common? If you answered a float, you would be correct but they don't serve the same purpose.


Two things are infinite: the universe and stupidity of people. And I'm not sure about the first one. - Albert Einstein

I can't believe that the same God who has gifted us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forget how to use them. - Galileo

Entertaining Animal
Canine Catching Fish Canine Catching Fish

This dog has figured out that if the sets out pieces of bread he can catch the fish that come to feed on the bread. Behavior that's not normally seen in a dog

Stand-up Comedy
Dave Foley - Religious Extremists Dave Foley - Religious Extremists

Dave Foley does a stand-up comedy routine about religious extremists and and admits that he is afraid of Muslim extremists. To prove the point he makes a few remarks about Jesus that he would not dare make Muhammad.

Random Thoughts

1 Life is sexually transmitted.

2 The difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

3 Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

Musical Humor
If You Really Loved Me If You Really Loved Me

How do you know when some one loves you.

Fun Facts

Napoleon named the Louvre after himself during his reign of France and housed his plunder of Europe.

Stand-up Comedy
Anjelah Johnson - Nail Salon Anjelah Johnson - Nail Salon

Anjelah Johnson's hilarious trip to the nail salon. Many of the nail salon proprietors are Vietnamese and they bring to the business a unique ability to focus on the customer while at the same time up-selling their services.

Humor from the Forum
Husbands and Dogs

Q. What's the difference between a new husband and a new dog?

A. After a year, the dog is still excited to see you.

Q. What makes men chase women they have no intention of marrying?

A. The same urge that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving.

Musical Humor
Don't Look Good Any-more Don't Look Good Any-more

A humorous song about ageing and the sad realization that our bodies don't look so good any more, especially without clothes.

Fun Facts

The words hurricane, cyclone and typhoon are all names for the same type of storm. The name tells you where the storm occurred. Hurricanes are defined as storms over the North Atlantic or the Caribbean. In the western Pacific Ocean, hurricanes are known as typhoons. Cyclones are hurricanes over the Indian Ocean.

Friendzone Pain Friendzone Pain

She says she's looking for a partner that's more like you. I feel your friendzone pain.

Humor from the Forum

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

We are all familiar with a Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens, a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese.

Less widely known is a Pride of lions, a Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), and a Parliament of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.

And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? . . It's a Congress!

Don't believe it? .. look it up!

Suddenly things have become a lot clearer.

Interesting Science
Why Do We Like Our Own Farts? Why Do We Like Our Own Farts?

Your farts may smell like you! To everyone else they stink. What's the Science behind that?.

Officer Huge Officer Huge

Female police officer has ridiculously huge um... assets that seem to get in the way of everything.

Tom Dick and Harry Tom Dick and Harry

A funeral service is held for Thomas, Richard and Harold, or as they are better known; Tom Dick and Harry. Comedian Rowan Atkinson plays the part of the priest reviewing the lives and shortcomings of Tom Dick and Harry.

Future Explorers Future Explorers

One day we will travel among the stars

Fun Facts

In Turkey, in the 16th and 17th centuries, anyone caught drinking coffee was put to death

In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house if you are not wearing underwear

In Switzerland, it is illegal to flush the toilet after 10 P.M. if you live in an apartment.

In Israel, picking your nose is illegal.

Funny Videos
Unusual Thrill Ride Unusual Thrill Ride

These guys discover that a Caterpillar digger makes for great beach entertainment.

Stand-up Comedy
Putting It on the Line Putting It on the Line

A humorous comedy routine expresses her opinion of why there are more male comedians than female comedians, and also what it's like trying to get back into the dating scene as an older woman.

Laughable News Stories
Hand Washing Fail Hand Washing Fail

The only thing worse than screwing up really badly, is screwing up really badly in front of a camera.

Fun Facts

Currently less than 7% of the people surveyed think Congress is doing a good job. This is by far the lowest approval rate since they started taking surveys.

Funny Animals
Like Ducks to Water Like Ducks to Water

For the first time in their lives two dozen recently rescued ducks get their first taste of life in a pond.

Nature Documentaries Faked? Nature Documentaries Faked?

Many people realize that the sound effects on nature documentaries are added after the fact, since while you can zoom in with the camera is nigh impossible to zoom in with the microphone. But how real is the video? .

Humor from the Forum
An Organization Is Like a Tree Full of Monkeys

An organization is like a tree full of monkeys.

Some are climbing up. Some are climbing down.

The monkeys on the top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.

The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but a bunch of a**holes.

Inspirational Videos
JJ At the Apollo JJ At the Apollo

A 12-year-old comedian wows the audience at the Apollo.

Humor, Commentary and Reminder
The CIA leaks The CIA leaks

To say that the CIA causes paranoia would be an understatement. Wiki leaks published documents that reveal how the CIA hacks TVs and phones as well as other network devices.

Funny Pranks
Screaming Head Prank Screaming Head Prank

Girl drops a dummy head on the sidewalk and it's switched for a real head

Fun Facts

A Psychological Phenomenon called "The Backfire Effect" Causes a Person to Become More Convinced They Are Right When You Use Facts and Figures to Convince Them They Are Wrong

Haunted Elevator - SNL Haunted Elevator - SNL

A haunted elevator attraction featuring 100 floors of frights tries to spook its riders with an original character, David Pumpkins (Tom Hanks) in this humorous comedy sketch.

Funny Joke from the Forum
A religious traitor

Son: Dad, what's a religious traitor?

Father: A person who leaves our church and joins another

Son: And what is a person who leaves another church and joins ours?

Father: A convert, son, a blessed convert.

Halloween Humor
Emergency Room Zombies Emergency Room Zombies

A special humorous episode of ER as they try to contain a unique new virus!

Fun Facts

19th century biologist Sir John Lubbock experimented on ants by getting them drunk. He discovered that sober ants would carry their drunken ant comrades back to their nest, if they were from the same colony - but they would throw drunk strangers into the ditch.

Halloween Humor
Halloween Costumes for Pets PSA Halloween Costumes for Pets PSA

Pointing out the humiliation pets suffer from because people dress them in embarrassing costumes.

Humor from the Forum
Romantic Text Message

An elderly couple learned to send text messages on their mobile phones.

The wife, a retired college English instructor with emphasis on the Classics, was an unapologetic romantic; her husband, a retired salty Navy chief petty officer of thirty years’ service, was a no-nonsense guy

One afternoon the wife went to the local Starbuck’s to meet a friend for coffee. While awaiting her friend’s arrival, she exercised her new skill by sending her husband a romantic text message:

"If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking, send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears. I love you."

The husband responded: "I'm takin' a crap. Please advise."

Halloween Night
A Girl's Halloween - SNL A Girl's Halloween - SNL

Three friends' decision to have a fun Halloween night doesn't go as planned. By the end of the evening the ladies are quite a sight.

Fun Facts

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.

Stand-up Comedy on Malls
American Malls and Fat People American Malls and Fat People

Building coast-to-coast shopping malls that blight the American landscape, which according to comedian George Carlin is not one of our finer accomplishments.

Humor from the Forum
Paddy at War

The Irish have sent two warships to the Middle East.

One of them is filled with sand; and the other is filled with cement.

They are obviously planning a mortar attack!!

Angry Ocean
Hunter Becomes Hunted Hunter Becomes Hunted

One minute you're reeling in a huge billfish fighting for it's life,
the next minute you're fighting for your life.

Interesting Videos
Altered States Altered States

This is what happens inside the brain under the influence of cannabinoids.

Fun Facts

At one point you were the youngest person on Earth.

Practicing Atheist Practicing Atheist

Dave Allen is probably one of the best humorist, and arguably the best at telling jokes. Even though this video was many years ago you'll recognize his humor as it's featured on the Internet often.

Trolling Seagulls Trolling Seagulls

Having a little fun with a few ravenous seagulls.

Humour from the Forum
My girlfriend and I played doctor...

My girlfriend and I tried playing doctor... (USA medical system)

She spent the weekend at my place and I sent her a bill for $180,000.

Pink Floyd - Carl & Ellie Pink Floyd - Carl & Ellie

Pink Floyd's song 'Time', about regret at not doing the things you wanted to do, always waiting until another day seems like a perfect backdrop for this short animation about a happily married couple and how the years pass too quickly.

Fun Facts

Earth has almost 500 volcanoes worldwide. About 80% of the Earth, that is found below the surface, is made of volcanic soil.

Entertaining Animals
A Failed Experiment in Cat Shaving A Failed Experiment in Cat Shaving

It's interesting the way that humans transpose their emotions onto their pets although in this case that might be justified.

Funny Joke from the Forum
Get Well Soon

A policeman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed Appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well.

However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs in his groin area.

Worried that it might be a second surgery that the doctors hadn’t told him about it, he finally got enough courage to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long to discover the cause for his discomfort. Taped firmly across his pubic hair and private parts were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn’t come off easily – if at all.

Written on the tape in large black letters was the sentence, “Get well soon from the nurse in the 2013 Ford Explorer you pulled over last week.”

Humor and Perspective
Thoughts And Prayer's Thoughts And Prayer's

Anthony Jeselnik 'Thoughts And Prayer's addresses social media narcissism during tragedies like the Paris terrorist attack or the Aurora shooting. There are places to offer real support, and they are not hard to find. /p>

Counterculture Comedy
Ugly People Get stuff Done Ugly People Get stuff Done

Comedian humorously observes that while corporate media features lots of beautiful people dancing around it's the ugly people that get stuff done.

Sketch Comedy
Birthday Clown - SNL Birthday Clown - SNL

A clown is asked to perform for a birthday party, but upon arriving discovers that he is performing for a grown man (Louis C.K.) in this strange comedy skit.

Fun Facts

Choosing exciting places for a first date increases the odds of the other person falling for you. There is a strong link between danger and romantic attraction.

Creative Videos
Beautiful Spring Day Beautiful Spring Day

A short video to remind us of why it's wonderful just to be alive.

Stand-up Comedy
Looting and the British Museum Looting and the British Museum

As upset as the British get over looting, its humorously been pointed out that that's where the British Museum got all it's stuff.

Humor from the Forum
Aspiring Student Psychiatrists

The aspiring student psychiatrists from various colleges were attending their first class on emotional extremes. "Just to establish some parameters," said the professor, to the student from the University of Houston, "What is the opposite of joy?"

"Sadness," replied the student.

"And the opposite of depression?" the professor asked of the young lady from Rice.

"Elation," said she.

"And you sir," he said to the young man from Texas A&M. "How about the opposite of woe?"

The Aggie replied, "Sir, I believe that would be giddy-up."

Improvisational Comedy
Scenes from a Hat with Miss America Scenes from a Hat with Miss America

The laughs keep coming as this improvisational comedy segment features a musical about breasts and disturbing times to make animal noises.

Fun Facts

In ancient Sparta, men who were unmarried by the time they were 30 forfeited the right to vote.

Stand-up Comedy
On Daredevils On Daredevils

Why is it that we glorify professional daredevils and laugh at the common man who takes risks.

Humorous Pranks
Gay Man Cheating with Woman Prank Gay Man Cheating with Woman Prank

In this prank a woman almost gets caught cheating with a gay man by his lover, will the other customers help her hide.

Humor from the Forum
City Girl visiting the Farm

A city girl driving through the country stop to admire some cattle in a pasture. When the farmer approached she asked, "Mister, why doesn't this cow have any horns?"

The farmer cocked his head for a moment, then began in a patient tone, "Well, ma'am, cattle can do a powerful lot of damage with horns.

Sometimes we keep'em trimmed down with a hacksaw. Other times we can fix up the young 'uns by puttin' a couple drops of acid where their horns would grow in, and that stops 'em cold.

Still, there are some breeds of cattle that never grow horns. But the reason this cow don't have no horns, ma'am, is 'cause it's a horse.

Stand-up Comedy
Taco Truck at 1 AM Taco Truck at 1 AM

If anybody knows taco trucks it's probably this comedian. Fluffy humorously goes into why you want women on the truck.

Fun Facts

When a hurricane is expected, Wal-Mart's top-selling items are strawberry Pop-Tarts and beer.

Silver Surfers Class Silver Surfers Class

At the Silver Surfers Training class Tracy Ullman teaches senior citizens the fine points of how to troll on the Internet.

Humor from the Forum
Free Drinks

Being airborne approximately thirty minutes on an outbound evening Air Lingus flight from Dublin, the lead flight attendant nervously made the following painful announcement in her lovely Irish brogue:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so very sorry, but it appears that there has been a terrible mix-up... One minute prior to take-off, by our catering service..., I don't know how this has happened, but we have 64 passengers on board, and..., unfortunately, we received only 40 dinner meals... I truly apologize for this mistake and inconvenience."

When passengers' muttering had died down, she continued..., "Anyone who is kind enough to give up their meal so that someone else can eat, will receive free, unlimited drinks for the duration of our 4 hour flight."

Her next announcement came about 2 hours later... "If anyone would like to change their minds, we have 38 dinners available."

Stand-up Comedy
Male Versus Female Brain Male Versus Female Brain

Dara, a British comedian who's famous for being a little bit on the nerdy side, explains the difference between male brains and female brains.

Improvisational Comedy
improv: What You Can't Say at a Funeral improv: What You Can't Say at a Funeral

Humorous Ad lib. comedy a skit called things you cannot say a funeral and things you cannot say about weight loss. Both these touchy subjects are treated with humorous irreverence by the humorists on Whose Line Is It. .

Funny Joke from the Forum
Before You Call

Ladies before you call a guy ugly ...remember he doesn't wear make up

War Is the Answer War Is the Answer

A humorous comedy routine with a twist. Comedian makes the case that despite our numerous denials, war is the answer and to make her point she wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July.

What Have We Become What Have We Become

Sometimes when reality reflects fantasy it is not a good thing

Fun Facts

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Arguing on the Net Arguing on the Net

The longer you argue with someone on the Internet the more likely this is to happen

Humerous Pranks
A Little Help Please A Little Help Please

When beach goers help this young lady out of the sand they get a hilarious surprise.

Fun Facts

The name ‘Viking means ‘a pirate raid’ in the Old Norse language.

Stand-up Comedy Videos
Half Dead Half Dead

Louis CK has come to the realization that at 40 years old, statistically speaking his life is half over. A short humorous standup comedy routine about midlife crisis.

Angry Ocean
Huge Waves Rock an Oil Platform Huge Waves Rock an Oil Platform

Out in the North Sea the waves can get large. Large enough to rock a massive oil platform that stands 100 foot above the surface of the ocean and weighs almost 15,000 gross tonnes.

Funny Joke from the Forum
A Genie Joke

A State Government Employee sits in his office and out of boredom, decides to see what's in his old filing cabinet. He pokes through the contents and comes across an old brass lamp. "This would look nice on my mantelpiece," he thinks, so he takes it home with him. While polishing the lamp, a genie appears and grants him three wishes. "I wish for an ice cold diet Pepsi right now!"

POOF! A Pepsi appears before him on his desk, so he picks it up and guzzles it all at once. Now that he can think more clearly, he states his second wish. "I wish to be on an island where no one but beautiful & lonely women reside."

POOF! Suddenly he is on an island with gorgeous females fighting over him. He then tells the genie his third and last wish.

"I wish I'd never have to work ever again." POOF! He's back in his government office.

Swedish Humor
A Magical Banana A Magical Banana

Comedy and magic combined in a hilarious skit about learning the art of magic

The Present The Present

“The Present” is a wonderful animation about a boy who finds a companion that shares his struggle to overcome a limitation.

Fun Facts

Absolut Vodka used to belong to Sweden's government, until they sold it in 2008 for US$8.3 Billion to Pernod Ricard.

No Greater Danger to Women No Greater Danger to Women

Statistically speaking, there is no greater danger to the health and well being of women than men.

Stand-up Comedy on Malls
Ghettoest Mall Ever Ghettoest Mall Ever

Comedian DC Benny describes the ghettoest mall ever and the gauntlet of garbage that he has to navigate to get to the one store where he wants to buy something.

Fun Facts

The English word "girl" was initially used to describe a young person of either sex. It was not until the sixteenth century that the term was used specifically to describe a female child.

Angry Ocean
Heading Out In a Storm Heading Out In a Storm

When you are the rescue ship there is no waiting until the storm blows over.

Humor from the Forum
A Question That Completely Ruined the Moment

One day my wife was out shopping and I was watching our children ages five and two. My son was playing with the dog. My daughter, the two year old, was playing with her Barbie.

She and Barbie were having a little coffee get-together. I thought it was very nice of her to offer me a cup of coffee, and happily accepted even though it was just water.

After several cups and lots of praise for such delicious coffee, my wife came rolling in with the groceries. She watched as my daughter brought in other cup of coffee, started laughing, and asked me how many cups I'd drank.

When I admitted that I was waterlogged from all the coffee, my wife broke into hysterical laughter. Through the tears of laughter rolling down her cheeks she asked me a question that completely ruined that precious moment forever.


Did it ever occur to you', she said, 'that the only place a baby can reach water is the toilet?'

Humor And Commentary
Rod Serling on Censorship Rod Serling on Censorship

In some aspects it appears that what happened in the early days of television is happening to youtube and in general the internet now. Skip to the three-minute mark if you want to go to the meat of the discussion.

About Dating About Dating

Ask people what they want in a girlfriend or boyfriend and we'll list features like kindness and compassion. If you could read people's real thoughts it would be a different standard.

Animated Shorts
None of That None of That

From the Ringling College of Art + Design comes a humorous animation about a museum night guard and his efforts to protect classic Italian statues from the over zealous censorship of a nun..

Quotable Quotes
Friedrich Nietzsche

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.

When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.

Stand-up Comedy Videos
Entering Australia Entering Australia

Going through customs when entering Australia is a lot different than most of the countries in this humorous comedy skit.

Humor from the Forum
A Daughter Asks Her Dad...

A daughter asks her Dad, “Dad there is something that my boyfriend said to me, that I didn’t understand.

He said that I have beautiful chassis, lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper.”

Her Dad replied, “You tell your boyfriend that if he opens your hood and tries to check your oil with his dipstick, I will tighten his nuts so hard that his headlights will pop out and he will start leaking out of his exhaust pipe.”

Different Drummer
Out in the Woods Out in the Woods

Looking at this reminds me that I need to get out and Party more often

Looking back and Laughing
Ross Sisters Ross Sisters

Long ago there were three sisters that were very flexible. Sounds like the beginning of a funny joke but it was real.

Strange Laws

In Blue Earth, Minnesota a law declares that no child under the age of twelve may talk over the telephone unless monitored by a parent.

A Chicago law forbids eating in a place that is on fire.

A state law in Illinois mandates that all bachelors should be called master, not mister, when addressed by their female counterparts.

Improvisational Humor
Scenes from a Hat Aisha Scenes from a Hat Aisha

A humorous clip featuring Songs from the musical Aisha, which is not really a musical but is the name of the woman hosting the show.

SNL Comedy
Marry a Mermaid Marry a Mermaid

A marooned pilot is forced to marry one of three mermaids: Oceana, Aquaticana or Shud (Kate McKinnon) and her best friend Kunk (Scarlett Johansson).

Humor from the Forum
What’s an Echo?

Son:   ''Dad, What’s an echo?''

Father:   ''An echo, my son, is the only thing that can deprive a woman of the last word.''

Stand-Up Comedy
Auto Check-Out Auto Check-Out

Bill Burr humorously points out that self checkouts allow us to work without receiving any pay ...or even a discount

Humor from the Forum
Getting the Last Word

John and Bob were discussing their married lives. Although happily married to their wives, they admitted that there were arguments sometimes.

John said, "I've made one great discovery. I know how to always have the last word"

Wow!" said Bob, how did you manage that?

"It's easy, replied John, my last word is always "Yes, Dear".

Inspirational Videos
Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell

Our world is like a heaven for us, a lovely and more or less placid place, compared to other possibilities.

Stand-up Comedy Classics
New-Wave and Old-School New-Wave and Old-School

Carlin's best routine ''New Age but Old School'' redone, remixed, and set to music.

Fun Facts

Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal, was named because she was created from a mammary cell, and the scientists couldn't think of a more impressive set of glands than Dolly Parton's.

Stand-up Comedy
Terror Levels Threat Levels

It's not easy finding humor in life-threatening situations. But humor helps us deal with the fear factor and get on with our everyday lives.

SNL Comedy
Zoo Photographer - SNL Zoo Photographer - SNL

Members of a morning show misrepresent an animal photographer from the local zoo thanks to a major screw-up by the graphics department.

Famous Quotes

"A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider to be God-fearing and pious.'' -- Aristotle, 343 B.C.

''Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.''--Seneca

''Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich.'' - Napoleon Bonaparte

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