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Improvisational Humor
Scenes from a Hat Hillbilly Versions Scenes from a Hat Hillbilly Versions

In this segment improvisations include scenes from a movie hillbilly style, sportscasters working at home, and divorce Dr. Zeus style.

Scenes from a Hat Aisha Scenes from a Hat Aisha

A humorous clip featuring Songs from the musical Aisha, which is not really a musical but is the name of the woman hosting the show. .

Fun Facts

The science of kissing is called philematology

One theory suggests kissing may have evolved from prospective mates sniffing each others pheromones for biological compatibility.

Strange Nature
On a Pangolin's Menue On a Pangolin's Menue

With its giant claws, the pangolin is nature's backhoe. Add in a long, sticky tongue it is the scourge of the insect world.

Zombie Snails Zombie Snails

These mind-controlling parasites called Leucochloridium paradoxum command infected snails to do their bidding.

Humor from the Forum

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. - Anonymous

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. - Will Rogers

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. - Ann Landers

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than they love themselves. - Josh Billings

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made. - M. Acklam

If your dog is fat, YOU aren't getting enough exercise. - Unknown

Ever consider what our dogs must think of us? We come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul - chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we're the greatest hunters on earth! - Anne Tyler

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My goodness, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' - Dave Barry

Dogs are not our whole life, but they do make our lives whole. - Roger Caras

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. - Phil Pastoret

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am. -Tming

Stand-up Comedy
I Want to Buy a Gun I Want to Buy a Gun

A humorous skit by Bill Burr about being a first time gun purchaser.

Just a Little Wind Just a Little Wind

Just a little function to let off some excess pressure still lots of people find it hilarious.

Fun Facts

Six billion steps of DNA are contained in a single cell. This DNA can be stretched six feet, but it is coiled up in the cell's nucleus, which measures only 1/2500 of an inch in diameter.

Situation Comedy Videos
Back in the Day Back in the Day

Mrs. Brown humorously reminisces about the good old days when she was dating.

Lost Phone Prank Call Lost Phone Prank Call

A devious Mrs. Brown takes advantage of grandpa sleeping on a phone to play a hilarious prank.

Humor from the Forum
The Senior Citizens' Field Trip

A senior citizens' group charters a bus from Windsor to Branson. As they entered Missouri, an elderly woman comes up to the driver and says, "I've just been molested!"

The driver felt that she had fallen asleep and had a dream. So he tells her to go back, and sit down.

A short time later, another old woman comes forward, and claims that she was just molested. The driver was beginning to think he had a bus load of old wackos. Who would be molesting those old ladies?

About 10 minutes later, a third old lady comes up and says that she'd been molested. The bus driver decides that he'd had better investigate, and pulls into the first rest area.

When he turns the lights on, he sees an old man on his hands and knees crawling in the aisles.

"Hey gramps, what are you doing down there?" says the bus driver.

"I lost my toupee. I thought I found it three times, but every time I grab it, it runs away..."

Funny Videos
In My Genes In My Genes

An offhand comment made after mentioning that her grandmother could grow a beard humorously embarrasses this TV host

The Last Leg The Last Leg

Host of The Last Leg finally had the guts to say about politicians what many have been thinking.

Strange and Entertaining News

The Onion Reports
Working from Home Working from Home

It's not going to shock most people, but employees are happiest when simply pretending to work from home. At least that is the view from The Onion's humorous tech trends series.

Power to Spare Power to Spare

Humorous news reporting from The Onion. The tech industry is hard at work coming up with alternative energy sources, so Americans can waste power and not feel guilty about it.

Fun Facts

Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin!

Cable Monopoly Videos
Cable Service Cable Service

If there is no alternative, then it is a monopoly and cable companies have you by the ba.

Cable Humor Cable Humor

Poking humor at the fact that in the US customers have very little choice when it comes to Internet access.

Humor from the Forum
Almost the same...

A married man goes to confessional and tells the priest, "I had an affair with a woman - almost."

The priest says, "What do you mean, 'almost'?"

The man says, "Well, we got undressed and rubbed together, but then I stopped."

The priest replies, "Rubbing together is the same as putting it in. You're not to go near that woman again. Now, say five Hail Mary's and put $50 in the poor box."

The man leaves confessional, goes over and says his prayers, then walks over to the poor box. He pauses for a moment and then starts to leave.

The priest, who was watching him, quickly runs over to him and says, "I saw that. You didn't put any money in the poor box!"

The man replied, "Well, Father, I rubbed up against it and you said it was the same as putting it in!"

Inspirational Videos
Teach Your Children Well Teach Your Children Well

Why aren't we taught that to succeed means
being happy at what you do for living.

Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell

Our world is like a heaven for us, a lovely and more or less placid place, compared to other possibilities.


Two things are infinite: the universe and stupidity of people. And I'm not sure about the first one. - Albert Einstein

I can't believe that the same God who has gifted us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forget how to use them. - Galileo

Humorous Pranks
Car Crash Prank Car Crash Prank

The best pranks are the pranks that make people think they're losing their mind. This prank definitely leaves people scratching their head.

Hugging Strangers Prank Hugging Strangers Prank

What happens when people think they're going to be hugged but at the last moment the hugger veers off. A couple of comedians freaking some strangers out with unwanted hugs.

Fun Facts

IIn 1938 Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel sold all rights to the comic-strip character Superman to their publishers for $130.

Musical Comedy
Weed Card Weed Card

Garfunkel and Oates sing about the ease of obtaining medical marijuana in California

5 Poofs and 2 Pianos 5 Poofs and 2 Pianos

This song was written by Tim Minchin in response to a disparaging newspaper story.

Famous Quotes

"A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider to be God-fearing and pious.'' -- Aristotle, 343 B.C.

''Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.''--Seneca

''Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich.'' - Napoleon Bonaparte

Creative Videos
Women in Art Women in Art

A blending of paintings of women, showing the changing styles

The Streets of San Francisco The Streets of San Francisco

What it was like to travel the streets of San Francisco over a hundred years ago.

Humor from the Forum
If You Want Someone

If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him and never complain...
..then adopt a dog!

If you want someone always willing to go out for as long and wherever you want...
..then adopt a dog!

If you want someone who can sit next to you as you watch romantic movies...
..then adopt a dog!

If you want someone who is content lay next to you just to warm your feet ...
..then adopt a dog!

If you want someone who never criticizes you and doesn't care if you are pretty or ugly...
..then adopt a dog!

If you want someone who acts as if every word you say is especially important...
..then adopt a dog!

If you want someone who loves you unconditionally and perpetually...
..then adopt a dog!

BUT, on the other hand, if you want someone who will never come when you call, ignores you totally when you come home, leaves hair all over the place, and acts as if your entire existence is solely to ensure his happiness ...then adopt a cat!

You thought I was going to say Marry a man, didn't you?

Stand-up Comedy
Jodi Miller - What Would You Do? Jodi Miller - What Would You Do?

Standup comedy with humorous observations about a game called 'What Would You Do for a Million Dollars'. Or as Jodi Miller calls it how much money would it take for you to be gay..

Jodi Miller - Camera Phones Jodi Miller - Camera Phones

Jodi Miller imagines how guys sent dirty pictures before camera phones in this humorous stand-up comedy routine. Why do guys take so many pictures of the private parts? .

Fun Facts

Q: Why do ships and aircraft use ‘mayday’ as their call for help?

A: This comes from the French word m’aidez -meaning ‘help me’ – and is pronounced, approximately,’ mayday.’

Heart Warming Videos
Gonna Be Friends Gonna Be Friends

A young girl and a foal form a bond of friendship as a play together in a field.

New Respect for KFC New Respect for KFC

KFC set up this fast food restaurant staffed entirely by deaf people. It works surprisingly well, but we shouldn't be surprised.

Humor from the Forum
Two Typos

There are two typos of people in the world...

... those who proofread, and those who don't.

Stand-up Comedy
Stewards of the Earth Stewards of the Earth

If Christians were given dominion over the earth would God be pissed off at the way they have managed his creation.

Why I Don't Drink Why I Don't Drink

When people tell you what you did at a party
and you don't remember, it's time to quit drinking.

Jokes by Johno
Short Jokes about Men

How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One ... men will screw anything.

What's the difference between men an government bonds?

Bonds mature.

How are men like noodles?

They are always in hot water, they lack taste, and they need dough.

Funny Videos
Clothes Make the Woman Clothes Make the Woman

That is what these advertisers would like you to believe in this funny video about a attractive granny.

Really Likes His Job Really Likes His Job

...or has a lot better medication than the rest of us.

Fun Facts
Before invention of the thermometer, brewers used to check the temperature by dipping their thumb, to find whether appropriate for adding Yeast. Too hot, the yeast would die. This is where we get the phrase ” The Rule of the Thumb”.

Ships in Distress
Ship in Stress Ship in Stress

Stress and effect on a vessel in severe weather conditions. Recorded during passage from Suez Canal to Singapore

Ship Running Aground Ship Running Aground

A 200 meter long container ship ran aground as it was traveling the East Lamma shipping channel in Hong Kong.

Humor from the Forum
Crooked As Could Be

The lawyers were siblings -- dishonest cheaters, as crooked as could be. They went to church only when circumstances required them to look good, or when there was a chance a dollar could be made.

When the less evil one died, the surviving sibling promised the church a sizable contribution if the eulogy for the deceased would describe the departed as a saint.

The church needed money, and succeeded in acquiring the contribution without compromising any of its virtue.

The eulogy accurately described the life and character of the deceased, identifying and listing the many sins committed. In conclusion, the speaker pointed at the bereaved surviving attorney, saying, "but compared to him, the departed was a saint!"

Classic Funny Videos
Hi-tech Delicious Hi-tech Delicious

Fruity names for hi-tech devices?

Funny Dickens Cider Commercial Funny Dickens Cider Commercial

I am quite sure that most young men would like a Dickens cider.

Fun Facts

Gymnophoria is the sense that someone is mentally undressing you.

Musical Comedy Videos
Nothing Beats Kittens Nothing Beats Kittens

Competing for views is tough when the top videos on YouTube are kittens and puppies.

Nothing Ruins Comedy Nothing Ruins Comedy

Comedian Tim Minchin with this trademark combination of biting satirical lyrics and surreal showmanship.

Humor from the Forum
Just kids talking

Two kids are talking to each other. One says, "I'm really worried. My dad works all day to give us a nice home and good food.

My mom spends the whole day cleaning and cooking for me. I'm worried sick!"

The other kid says, "What have you got to worry about? Sounds to me like you've got it made!"

The first kid asks, "What if they try to escape?"

Comedy Sketches
Meet Your Second Wife Meet Your Second Wife

In this comedy sketch, hosts Helen Walsh (Amy Poehler) and Tina Fey introduce three contestants to their future second wives. Something the contestants humorously struggle to explain to their wives.

Caveman Currency Caveman Currency

Sticks and Rocky accidentally create a currency, and in this comedy sketch, the tribe gets a financial system. But alas the bankers cannot resist the temptation to loan out more money than they have on deposit.


"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell." – Buddha

All the Education in the world won't help someone who can't think for themselves." – A.M. Sawyer

Middle  Age Sex Life Middle Age Sex Life

Hilarious comedy routine from Louis CK describing what happens to ones sex life when they get older and fatter.

A Message about Your Kids A Message about Your Kids

A PSA message about your kids and how they're doing
in school. You're brilliant prodigy is lazy and dumb.

Humor from the Forum
A very sad passing that Cooks everywhere will Mourn

The Pillsbury Doughboy died yesterday of a yeast infection and complications from repeated pokes in the belly. He was 71.

Doughboy was buried in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including Mrs. Butterworth, Hungry Jack, the California Raisins, Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain Crunch. The gravesite was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded.

Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very 'smart' cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes.

Despite being a little flaky at times, he still was considered a roll model for millions.

Doughboy is survived by his wife, Play-Dough; two children, John Dough and Jane Dough; plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by his elderly father, Pop Tart.

The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes

Scenery and Adventure
Beautiful Places Beautiful Places

Highlights from 3 years of traveling the world, working along side Devin Graham and TeamSupertramp. Filmmaker ventures off begin creating original content.

Airborne Films Airborne Films

A show reel featuring the best of recent aviation videos and some excellent music..

Strange and Entertaining News

Never Said Humor
Stuff NEVER said during the Olympics Stuff NEVER Said During the Olympics

Humorous phrases like 'There's no way I could do that even when I was younger', that were likely never uttered while watching the Olympics..

Things Never said by Couples Assembling ikea items Things Never Said by Couples Assembling Ikea Items

Australian comedianTroy Kinne takes a humorous look at some things that likely have never been said by couples while assembling IKEA furniture..

Fun Facts
While the population of males is slightly greater than females worldwide (98.6 women for every 100 men), there are roughly four million more women than men in the U.S. In the age 85-and-older category, there are more than twice as many women as men currently living in the United States

Just think guys - your odds will get better.

Stand-up Comedy
On Daredevils On Daredevils

Why is it that we glorify professional daredevils and laugh at the common man who takes risks.

But Maybe But Maybe

Stand up comedy covering some of the tragedies in life that may just be a little bit peoples fault.

Humor from the Forum
Why Some Men Have Dogs And Not Wives:

1. The later you are, the more excited your dogs are to see you.
2. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor.
3. A dog's parents never visit.
4. Dogs agree that you have to raise your voice to get your point across.
5. You never have to wait for a dog; they're ready to go 24 hours a day.
6. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk.
7. If a dog smells another dog on you, they don't get mad. They just think it's interesting.

Mrs. Brown and The Stolen Phone Mrs. Brown and The Stolen Phone

Mrs. Brown hides a stolen phone in her knickers. When the priests arrive, the phone rings laughter ensues.

Home-school Humor Home-school Humor

Lots of people have an opinion on homeschooling from the parents point of view. This humorous skit points out the downsides from the student's point of view.

Fun Facts

Cat kidneys are so efficient they can rehydrate by drinking seawater.

Understanding the Internet
Symbiotic Thought Germs Symbiotic Thought Germs

If it seems to you that every conversation on the Internet is extremely polarized; you are probably correct. But is designed that way or is it just natural evolution of thought..

The Innovation of Loneliness The Innovation of Loneliness

Is there a connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely or have we found a new way to make friends

Humor from the Forum
Mind and Muscle

The strong young man at the construction site was bragging that he could outdo anyone in a feat of strength.

He made a special case of making fun of one of the older workmen.

After several minutes, the older worker had had enough.

"Why don't you put your money where your mouth is," he said.

"I will bet a week's wages that I can haul something in a wheelbarrow over to that outbuilding that you won't be able to wheel back."

"You're on, old man," the braggart replied. "Let's see what you got."

The old man reached out and grabbed the wheelbarrow by the handles.

Then, nodding to the young man, he said, "All right. Get in."

Stand-up Comedy
Worst Magic Ever Worst Magic Ever

Comedic observations about a group that took the Greek name name for circle of brothers, A group that features a Grand Wizard, but doesn't seem to be much good at magic..

Mark Twain and slavery Mark Twain and slavery

Comedy gold by Louis CK on reading the story of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain to his daughter and trying to deal with the N-word.

Fun Facts

Around 48% of Americans play video games regularly.

Women Can Relate
Are you hot Minnie? Are you hot Minnie?

Humorous observations by the quick witted Mr Carr, As Jimmy says, " favorite thing about pregnant ladies on the bus. I have always maintained that I would rather see a pregnant woman standing that a fat girl sitting down crying. .

Breast is Best Breast is Best

Women get carried away talking about the humorous side of breastfeeding. Topics like leaking everywhere, breastfeeding dressed like man, and the ability to her milk spray like a fountain, get lots of laughter..

Humor from the Forum
I just don't get it

If I make money out of thin air, it'd be fraud. If a bank does it, it's "credit"

The Internet Brain The Internet Brain

Most of us are on the Internet daily and the Internet changes our brains.

The Natural Effect The Natural Effect

The False Advertising Industry reveals the truth about what is allowed in ''Natural'' food.

Fun Facts

The naked mole rat is unable to feel pain, is the only known thermoconforming mammal, is resistant to cancer, and possesses extraordinary longevity for a rodent.

A thermoconforming organism adopts the surrounding temperature as its own body temperature, thus avoiding the need for internal thermoregulation.

Humor and Commentary
Auto Lending Auto Lending

More humorous commentary from John Oliver. In the United States 86% of workers get to work by private automobile and so owning a car is pretty much a requirement of having a job.

Last Week Tonight: Infrastructure Last Week Tonight: Infrastructure

America’s crumbling infrastructure: It’s not a sexy problem, but it is a scary one. If you weren't already aware that U.S. roads, bridges and dams are in serious state of disrepair, this video will highlight the problem.

Humor from the Forum

For a class project a professor asks his students call out some of the stereotypes they have encountered

"All blonde girls are dumb!" yells a boy in the back.

"Sony!" Yells the blonde girl in the front.

Workplace Humor
Workplace Screw Ups Workplace Screw Ups

Goofs, screwup's, and failure to plan, all in the name of trying to get something done at work.

Do-It-Yourself Disasters Do-It-Yourself Disasters

A compilation of do-it-yourself disasters for the handyman in all of us.

Fun Facts

After consuming a vibrant brew called Aul or Ale, the Vikings would go fearlessly to the battlefield, without their armour, or even their shirts. Berserk means “bear shirt” in norse, and hence the term To go Berserk.

To Scale: The Solar System To Scale: The Solar System

On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe..

Undersea Cables that Power the Internet Undersea Cables that Power the Internet

Every time you visit a web page or send an email, data is being sent and received through an intricate cable system that stretches around the globe. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber optic cables constantly transmitting data between nations..

Humor from the Forum
Husbands are Blue-tooth.

Always connected to Wife when she is around.

But when Wife is out of range, they automatically start searching for new devices.

Grevais on Fat People Grevais on Fat People

Ricki Grevais goes on a humorous rant about fat people. Maybe society has a role to play since we no longer attach a stigmatism to being overweight.

Grevais on Fat People Part II Grevais on Fat People Part II

A continuation of Ricki Grevais humorous comedy monologue about obese people. Why is it that the takeout industry super sizes all of their food offerings..

Fun Facts

The dinosaur noises in the "Jurassic Park" movie were made from recordings of tortoise sex.

Animal Videos
Helpful Dog Helpful Dog

Bringing in the firewood is a chore, but this dog seems more than happy to help

Battletoad vs Ants Battletoad vs Ants

For an amphibian it is hard to tell the difference between a videogame and a meal.

Humor from the Forum
Praise the Lord...

An elderly lady was well-known for her faith and for her boldness in talking about it. She would stand on her front porch and shout, "PRAISE THE LORD!"

Next door to her lived an atheist who would get so angry at her proclamations that he would shout, "There ain't no Lord!"

Hard times set in on the elderly lady, and she prayed for God to send her some assistance. She stood on her porch and shouted, "PRAISE THE LORD! God, I need food. I am having a hard time. Please, Lord, send me some groceries."

The next morning, the lady went out on her porch and noted a large bag of groceries and shouted, "PRAISE THE LORD!"

The neighbor jumped from behind a bush and said, "HA...HA. I told you there was no Lord! I bought those groceries, myself! God didn't!"

The lady started jumping up and down and clapping her hands and saying, "PRAISE THE LORD! He not only sent me groceries, but He made the Devil pay for them! PRAISE THE LORD!"

Hello M'Lady Hello M'Lady

Humorous skit about an app that helps you manage those clingy fragile guys that think they are dating you.

Real Environmental Problem Real Environmental Problem

The real environmental problem is overpopulation, at least according to one comedian ... and don't you know he has a solution.

Fun Facts
Honey is the only food that does not spoil. There's no need to refrigerate it and it can be stored unopened, indefinitely, at room temperature in a dry cupboard. It was used in many ancient Egyptian medicines and is so well preserved that when some very ancient honey was found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs it was said to be still edible by scientists..

Animated Funny Videos
Timely Rescue ...or Not Timely Rescue ...or Not

A handsome hero, and swashbuckling swordsman comes to the rescue. Maybe he needs a new watch he seems to be a little bit late.

Nervous Alien Nervous Alien

Exploring new worlds and contacting alien life can be exciting and scary. If you tend to be nervous this is probably not the career for you.

Humor from the Forum
Deep Thoughts About Fishing

Aren't there really only two kinds of fishermen? - Sport fishermen and those who catch fish.

Do fishermen live in the reel world?

How come the TV fishing shows never focus on the most important boat fishing skill ... peeing off the back of the boat after all those beers?

Is it true that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day but if you teach him how to fish, he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day?

When you're standing on the shore fishing with your catch beside you why do people ask you when they walk by if you caught that fish? - Just what do they think you are doing?

Who edits fishing shows? - How do they decide what's too boring?

Why do fish grow fastest between the time they're caught and the bar in port?

Stand-up Comedy
Calling BS Calling BS

A stand-up comedy monologue about calling BS when you hear something outrageous.

Looting and the British Museum Looting and the British Museum

As upset as the British get over looting, its humorously been pointed out that that's where the British Museum got all it's stuff.

Fun Fact

If New York City were its own country and the NYPD was its army, it would be the 20-best-funded army in the world.

Comedy Skits
Milfy Mom Milfy Mom

Mom is watching over her son's shoulder as he has a conversation on-line with his friends and wants to know what certain acronyms mean. Humor ensues as he awkwardly tries to avoid explaining what they mean..

Wild West Water Balloons Wild West Water Balloons

Never bring a water balloon to a gunfight - or was that a knife to a gunfight. Anyway in this comedy skit a traveling salesman sets up a water balloon stand in the wild wild West.

Humor from the Forum
City Girl visiting the Farm

A city girl driving through the country stop to admire some cattle in a pasture. When the farmer approached she asked, "Mister, why doesn't this cow have any horns?"

The farmer cocked his head for a moment, then began in a patient tone, "Well, ma'am, cattle can do a powerful lot of damage with horns.

Sometimes we keep'em trimmed down with a hacksaw. Other times we can fix up the young 'uns by puttin' a couple drops of acid where their horns would grow in, and that stops 'em cold.

Still, there are some breeds of cattle that never grow horns. But the reason this cow don't have no horns, ma'am, is 'cause it's a horse.

Stand-up Comedy
Angry Drivers Introspective Angry Drivers Introspective

Why do we change personalities when we get behind the wheel. Louis CK standup comedy routine.

Girlfriend with a Big Butt Girlfriend with a Big Butt

Reginald D trying to avoid explaining to his girlfriend, why she is having trouble fitting in airplane seats.

Fun Fact

According to astronauts, space smells like seared steak, hot metal and welding fumes.

Humor and Commentary
Olympics Opening Ceremony Olympics Opening Ceremony

With the Olympic Games now underway, John Oliver recaps the opening ceremony and humorously takes a look at the world's greatest athletes. .

Journalism Journalism

The newspaper industry is suffering. That’s bad news for journalists — both real and fictional. John Oliver explains why that is bad for all of us..

Fun Facts

There are more insects in one square mile of rural land than there are human beings in the world.

There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.

Creative Videos
Super Storm Cell Timelapse Super Storm Cell Timelapse

A rotating supercell storm. And not just a rotating supercell,
but one with insane structure and amazing movement.

This is Shanghi This is Shanghi

A colorful time-lapse trip through Shanghai,
courtesy of photographer Rob Whitworth.

Funny Joke from the Forum
An Engineer's love life

An architect, an artist and an engineer were discussing whether it was better to spend time with the wife or a mistress.

The architect said he enjoyed time with his wife, building a solid foundation for an enduring relationship.

The artist said he enjoyed time with his mistress, because of the passion and mystery he found there.

The engineer said, ''I like both.''


Engineer: ''Yeah. If you have a wife and a mistress, they will each assume you are spending time with the other woman, and you can go to the lab and get some work done.''

Smart Phone Humor
Instagram Husband Instagram Husband

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall." There are many Instagram Husbands out there, and we want you to know that you are not alone.

Modern Man Modern Man

A modern man tries to have a romantic dinner with his girlfriend, but the other woman in his life, his smart phone, keeps interupting.

Humorous News

You Don't look Like Your From Africa You Don't look Like Your From Africa

Trevor Noah humorously deals with American expectations of what someone from Africa should look like.

Two Types of Asian Two Types of Asian

Russell Peters who is Asian of Indian descent humorously points out that there are two types of Asians (actually a lot more).

Fun Facts

Choosing exciting places for a first date increases the odds of the other person falling for you. There is a strong link between danger and romantic attraction.

Creative Videos
Beautiful Spring Day Beautiful Spring Day

A short video to remind us of why it's wonderful just to be alive.

Colorful Ocean Creatures Colorful Ocean Creatures

Just below the ocean waves is a world of strange creatures evolved to blend with their surroundings.

Humor from the Forum
Comments Made by Sports Commentators

Comments made by sports commentators during the Summer Olympics that they would like to take back:

1. Weightlifting commentator: “This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria . I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing.”

2. Dressage commentator: “This is really a lovely horse and I Speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother.”

3. Paul Hamm, Gymnast: “I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father.”

4. Boxing Analyst: “Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious.”

5. Softball announcer: “If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.”

6. Basketball analyst: “He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn’t like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces.”

7. At the rowing medal ceremony: “Ah, isn’t that nice, the Wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew.”

8. Soccer commentator: “Julian Dicks is everywhere. It’s like they’ve got eleven Dicks on the field.”

9. Tennis commentator: “One of the reasons Andy is playing so well is that, before the final round, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them…Oh my God, what have I just said?”

Louis CK on Cellphones Louis CK on Cellphones

Some of the comments Louis CK has made over the years about cellphones make it obvious that he is not a fan of that tiny piece of technology that leads to so much distraction.

Louis CK - Being Broke Louis CK - Being Broke

A decade ago Louis CK was a struggling young comedian, and being broke and dealing with bank fees, was a very relevant thing.

Fun Facts

The top six foods that make your fart are beans, corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage and milk!

Paddle Boarding with Whales Paddle Boarding with Whales

Excellent aerial footage of two whales resting in the shallows just offshore from Esperance Australia.

Biofluorescent Turtle Biofluorescent Turtle

Off the Solomon Islands, David Gruber, encountered a "bright red-and-green spaceship." This underwater UFO turned out to be a hawksbill sea turtle, which is significant because it's the first time that biofluorescence has ever been seen in reptiles..

Humor from the Forum

They said I should follow my dreams

So I went back to sleep..

Interesting Science
5 Weird Facts About Quantum Physics 5 Weird Facts About Quantum Physics

Lots of stranger than fiction stuff in Quantum Physics. This video scratches the surface with five of the more entertaining facts in an effort to draw people to science..

Amazing Physics Amazing Physics

Fluid dynamics and quantum levitation in action, featuring droplets levitating on sound waves, water orbiting in microgravity, and more..

Fun Facts

Farting helps reduce high blood pressure and is good for your health.

Comedians and Stories About Mom
Farewell  Mother Farewell Mother

A humorous and touching story by Doug Stanhope about his mother, her assisted suicide, and proof of an afterlife.

John Cleese Offered To Kill His Mom To Cheer Her Up John Cleese Offered To Kill His Mom To Cheer Her Up

To brighten up his mother’s spirits, there’s nothing John wouldn’t do. Including taxidermy.

Humor from the Forum
Chicken Testing

The FAA has a device for testing the strength of windshields on airplanes. They point this thing at the windshield of the aircraft and shoot a dead chicken at about the speed the air- craft normally flies at it. If the windshield doesn't break, it's likely to survive a real collision with a bird during flight.

The British had recently built a new locomotive that could pull a train faster than any before it. They were not sure that its windshield was strong enough so they borrowed the testing device from the FAA, reset it to approximate the maximum speed of the locomotive, loaded in the dead chicken, and fired.

The bird went through the windshield, broke the engineer's chair, and made a major dent in the back wall of the engine cab. They were quite surprised with this result, so they asked the FAA to check the test to see if everything was done correctly.

The FAA checked everything and suggested that they might want to repeat the test using a thawed chicken.

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