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Record Industry Announces New Round of Crack Downs

The industry sued 261 more people on Monday and has promised to sue thousands more in coming weeks as it strives to stamp out music piracy it blames for a three-year slump in CD sales.

The Recording Industry Association of America settled the first suit Tuesday for $2,000 - with the mother of a 12-year-old defendant, Brianna. Brianna was accused of downloading more than 10 songs using Kazaa.

RIAA VP Matt Oppenheim said he was not surprised to see young and old caught in the industry's trap.

"We know that there are a lot of young people who are using these services and we totally expected that we would end up targeting them," Oppenheim said. "As we have said from the beginning ... there is no free pass because you haven't come of age. We're not surprised and we're not deterred."

arrested pirates

This week the music industry announced another crack down in a effort to protect industry profits. The industry opted to target individuals earlier this year, figuring music fans who prefer to get their music online now are beginning to have viable options to do so legally through for-pay music download services like Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes and's

Many of these individuals have gotten out of the habit of buying CDs,  Bernoff said. "They think CDs are too expensive." That view led U M G to recommend retailers cut the price to $18.98 or less.

The price cut was an olive branch to music fans, many who have already soured on the industry because of practices that kept CD prices artificially high. The industry settled a lawsuit with 43 states last year who had accused the recording companies of conspiring in the 1990s to set a minimum price for CDs.


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