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Funny Bumper Stickers

Every one has a favorite funny bumper sticker, but some people actually put it on their car.
Here you'll find twisted humor, work humor, and humorous bumper sticker sayings
that people stick on their automobile.

Why ask Why

Why ask why, when you know your going to get a smart-ass answer. If you're looking
for funny questions, witty comebacks and one-line jokes follow this link.

Drunken Witticisms

Never argue with anyone who has had a few too many. This has all the witty toasts,
t-shirt humor, drunken sex innuendo, and drinking slogans you could want.

I love my job

Take this job and shove it. I ain't working here no more and other humorous work related
phrases, comical short jokes, and amusing observations of management can be found here.

Points to Ponder

Would be Philosophers distilling the meaning of life into one witty sentence. Lots of famous
quotes, witty sayings, humorous observations and the meaning of life… just kidding.

Pickup Lines

We have lots of witty one-liners and snappy comebacks, all with the goal of engaging
the opposite sex. Some of these pickup lines are guaranteed to have never worked.

Art from the Big Easy

mardi gras graphics

Words of Wisdom

Confucius say jokes, funny inspirational phrases, amusing antidotes and other comical
words of wisdom that nobody lives by, can be found in here

Now that I'm older

Now that I'm older I’ve forgotten just about every thing. Here's our home for retirement
one-liners, mature humor, turning 50 short jokes, and senior quips.

Quips About Sex  ...or lack there of

Funny one-liners, sexy humor, witty and sarcastic comments involving sex can be found
in this category. Semi mature humor in here so go slow and enjoy.

Witty One-liners

All of these one-liners are witty, but these are the wittiest sayings. We have two pages
of witty remarks, witty expressions and humor quotes.

Short Funny One-liners

Here we lots of humorous, funny one-liners and funny short sayings. We hope you get a good
laugh from these sayings, and that you will visit some of the other areas of Bit of Fun


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