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Babes of the Day

A few nude model, and erotic beauty  babe of the day photos to brighten your day. As part of our goal of sharing humor beauty and art, we sort through a lot of galleries seeking the best, then sort through those to find the best nude photos. Thanks for the emails, we're glad to know  many of you have enjoyed this page.

You may may have noticed some changes - more to come :-) Angie,  Dedra, & Dave

Digital Desire
Digital Desire Babe of the Day

Stunning digital close-up photography, combined with beautiful and glamorous nude models, create this sexy, pinup girl style, babe of the day series from Digital Dream Girls. You will also find sexy, sensual, large desktop photos of nude models.

Met Art
Met-Art's Erotic Nude Photo of the day

Met Art draws from over a hundred photographers specializing in nude models. That provides a huge pool of nude photos and videos of beautiful, sexy, young women from which they pick the best. The best of those sexy nude photos are here on Bit of Fun’s babe of the day.

Naked and Funny
Mature Humor

You never thought those embarrassing photos of you in your birthday suit would make it to the web. Wrong! But hey, you were not the only one doing something naked and funny.

Humor from the Forum
Women went to God and said:

Women went to God and said: "Oh God! Why you made us carry our children nine months in our belly and another one year in our hands. Couldn't you make our children walk right away after birth as you did with calves?"

God replied: "There is a condition for this?" -What? -The bull visits the cow only once a year. Women thought for a minutes and then withdrew their request.

Photos from FEMJOY

The goal is excellence in amateur modeling. To attain it FEMJOY works with over a hundred of the world’s finest nude and erotic art photographers.  Femjoy looks for young women who do a little modeling, but are not professional nude models.

Hegre-Art Sensual Nude of the Day

Artistic nude photos of the day from Hegre Art feature beautifully photographed sexy sensual young women in erotic poses photographed in exotic locations by celebrated Norwegian photographer, Peter Hegre

Errotica Archives
Errotica Archives Daily Erotic

Beautiful sexy young women in the flower of their youth, eager and innocent, tempting and delightful, and expertly photographed.  women that pose nude for Errotica-Archives must not only be beautiful, sensual, erotic and unique - they must also be willing to take risks.

Humorous Stuff in the News

Ebony Babe of the Day

Beautiful women, beautiful bodies, beautiful smiles; ebony babe of the day is back. These sexy nude women with curvaceous silhouettes, and sexy smooth chocolaty skin, positively define the word erotic. This babe series is truly an exotic blend of nude photos.

Humorous Videos
A Dating Longshot A Dating Longshot

Two attractive young women post a video dating ad wondering if they will ever find a gentleman to complete a threesome. This humorous tongue-in-cheek dating request is by two women in a committed lesbian relationship, is for a third person, male, with no strings attached..

Phony Face Time Social Media Sex

Too many people are living their lives for the likes they receive on social media.

This Country Is Perverted This Country Is Perverted

A humorous comedy monologue wondering why everything in this country is sexualized.

Promises Made Promises Made

Do promises made during the heat of passion count. It's a question comedian Reginald Hunter delves into in this stand-up comedy routine..

Unique Hiding Place Unique Hiding Place

What you may wonder could she possibly be hiding between her breasts? Let's just say if you have arachnophobia you probably want to skip this video. On the other hand if you enjoy unique videos that little on the strange side, you may find this video entertaining..

In The Bedroom In The Bedroom

Do you think Jessica is pretty? A humorous response to the dreaded "Do you think she's pretty" question..

Bill Dawes - Las Vegas Stripclub Bill Dawes - Las Vegas Strip-club

Comedian recounts a humorous tale of partying in Disneyland for adults, also known as Las Vegas. His buddy convinces him to go to a strip-clup where he meets a Russian woman and comes to the conclusion that Russian women are scary..

Girl Girl
Girl Girl Photo of the Day

Lovers or just very good friends? Either way these photos of sexy women embracing will stir your imagination and more.

Asian Beauty of the Day

High resolution photography, soft complexions and petite feminine bodies combine in beautiful and erotic Asian babe of the day.

Fun Facts

The longer a man’s ring finger is compared to his index finger, the higher his level of testosterone.

High levels of testosterone may suppress oxytocin and vasopressin (chemicals associated with attachment love), which may explain why men with higher testosterone levels tend to marry less often, and divorce more

Beach Babe of the Day

Sun, Sand, Surf and Bit of Funs Beach babe of the Day - what a great combination. Daily photo of the most beautiful women the beach has to offer.

Close-up of the Day

Sexy Thighs, Cleavage to die for, a perfect pear shaped butt, bikinis, and perfectly shaped nipples are some the photos bit of fun brings to you in this series.

Bouncy Babe Bouncy Babe

British Model Rachel Williams, shows us her magnificent breasts bouncing in slow-motion!

Singing Titties Singing Titties

Two women working as DJs play the music with the help of some singing titties. Even though it's a different language and most won't understand the words that still creatively entertaining..

Strange Thoughts Strange Thoughts

Humerous, sexy spoof about an animal lover.

Big Bouncy Animation Big Bouncy Animation

Fifty amazing Titmouse artist unite for a divine purpose: to animate boobies.

Universe Universe

A song that artistically explores a number of themes including reality vs fantasy and imagination.

Vertical Lines Vertical Lines

Something appealing about this music video
Leather Hands new song, 'Vertical Lines'.

White Wall White Wall

This is part llI of an on going series called The White Wall. If you are a model or if you model and those of you who make music and would like to be apart of this project get in touch with the photographer..

These "Babe of the Day" sites were selected because they feature beautiful women and good picture quality, but also because they don't use pop-ups, redirects or other sneaky tactics on the surfer.

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